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Emile heskey

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by hank williams, May 8, 2012.

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  1. donny4uk

    donny4uk Midfield

    ...maybe, but I reckon Heskey would get a lot more assists.
  2. SAFCftm1986

    SAFCftm1986 Winger

    We tried for Kevin Davis and were unsuccessful so Heskey will be MON's ideal replacement. Even if it's mainly for experience for the youngsters.
  3. mart

    mart Striker

    1 goal and 0 assists in 28 games started 18 of those. (Heskey)
    1 goal and 0 assists in 18 games started 6 of those. (Wickham)
    2 goals and 2 assists in 19 games, started 2 of those. (Ji)

    May aswell put this on here aswelll.
  4. andy78

    andy78 Striker

    There is no chance whatsoever of us signing Heskey. O'Neill has already said we will be after strikers who will comfortably get into double figures for us.
  5. We're Sunderland fans. Gradually accepting mediocre shite is what we do.
  6. kamaras-tash

    kamaras-tash Winger

    Giver over :lol:
  7. Geronimo

    Geronimo Striker

    Don't want him on a free.

    We need to INSIST that Villa take Campbell as part of an exchange deal
  8. Chr15

    Chr15 Midfield

    Read in this morning's Metro (for what it is worth!), that SAFC and Leicester are "leading the race" to sign Heskey.
  9. Flabb

    Flabb Winger

    easiest story ever to write
  10. Veteran2

    Veteran2 Winger

    So am I!!!!!
  11. The Good Sir

    The Good Sir Midfield

    Wouldn't take him if he offered to play for free. :neutral:
  12. Perryqhill

    Perryqhill Striker

    Stifle their progress? the only players doing that is those two, hence the need for a good striker, then some experienced back up too.

    Besides neither ji nor wickham are capable of holding the ball up and would benefit from playing alongside someone like heskey.

    I'd take heskey on two counts. One: if he's brought in with a quality strong forward and two: as long as he's signed after him, as signing heskey first would be the biggest PR mistake this club has done since appointing wilko and the lead up to the babb signing and would put a downer on our support from the off.

    If we were signing him as our lone forward signing of the summer he could fuck off.
  13. KingOfSeaburn

    KingOfSeaburn Winger

    he could come here and be by and large unwanted featuring as a sub or go to leicester like some sort of SKP hero returning where he will be more effective and probably wont have to move house.
  14. LondonBlackCat

    LondonBlackCat Midfield

    Would rather actually have SKP here obviously. :cool:
  15. jsdftm04

    jsdftm04 Striker

    There is no chance of us bringing in 2 strikers plus heskey IMO. He would. Ring absolutely nothing, just look at the last 2 years at villa.
  16. Sandman

    Sandman Winger

    It would be on a par with the Mags signing Sol Campbell.
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