Embedding Youtube Video


Reserve Squad
Apologies if this has been explained somewhere else. I had a quick look through "help" and couldn't find it...I was trying to embed a video of the Blood Moon that I made a couple of days ago on that thread in the SMB section.

I got the "embed" code from Youtube and posted it under the comments I had made - but when I tried preview - it gave a preview of the code as code (ie not of the actual video.)

Is embedding still permitted and if so - which of the variants of Youtube "share" options are correct for the board please?

Thanks very much in advance.


The Gaffer
Staff member
Yes its allowed, although it is possible that as a new member you can’t post a link yet.

Just post the url of the youtube page, or the code given under the ‘share this video’ link in youtube. The html embed code would not work as we remove all html code for security.