It wasn’t difficult. Literally click on your name and it tells you those details, hardly digging. More of a scrape.

Just sounds like you were ridiculing posters for posting early in the morning unbeknownst of their circumstance, when you’re probably in the top 20 posts per day ratio on the entire board.
I wasn't ridiculing anyone. I was merely posting my thoughts. I had situation about a year ago where some piece of scum tried to manipulate my teenage daughter online. I obviously won't go into details however I can assure it was pleasant experience especially for her. I know how easy it is for people to fall for it despite how intelligent or savvy they are. Anyone that's been duped by this shithouse should be getting sympathy. However they seem to be the ones being 'ridiculed' as you put it.


Bit weird that the 2 Everton fan accounts that apparently discovered this and outed the faker have now also deactivated. They also only appeared on twitter 2 weeks ago


Full Back
Aye? I unfollowed that account well over a year ago. Me and a couple of the lads used to say no way is this a real person. Every pic ‘she’ put up just looked like it was nicked from someone, and the quality of the photos were shit aswell.

The account literally only followed male Sunderland fans
Been nothing on the profile since all of this came out.
Must be another fake.