Ellis Short


Also gave us 10 years in the best league in the world
He did - but he didn't attract great players to the club. We always struggled with loans or has beens.

However, to his defence, it will always be difficult attracting players to the northeast. Newcastle has had this problem too.


I think the only thing you can really blame him for is the championship relegation year where he clearly didn't give a toss. I can only imagine that he was fed up, frustrated and wanted nothing more to do with the club anymore but he let any governance at all completely slide (which costed him far more in the end).
Would love to have a chat with him, really want to know his thoughts on what was going through his mind


what good is criticising him now going to achieve? People wanted him out and they got their wish......
Who wanted him out?
The slate would be wiped clean if he facilitated the exit of the people he wrongly sold the club to, that would show me that he did genuinely care for the long term prospects of SAFC.
I said before his final act was how worst for us, basically stuck 2 fingers up to us, remember he kept shtum when the reporter asked him to speak the say he sold the club to the chuckle brothers, that says it all for me
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Financed us well BUT hamstrung us by not delivering a blueprint that could be carried forward when he left.

The biggest thing he could have done for SAFC was to build a management team who understood how to deliver success, we look for years like amateurs, spurning every opportunity to succeed, never learning from mistakes, and accepting failure while selling it as success to fans.

Shite. Short term vote winning shte.

At least the current mob are following a well trodden path.
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Richie K

He gave the new owners a fresh start on the finances, it's they who have fucked it up.
I agree. It was a chance for new owners to put long term plans in place....ie good coaching, good scouting, strong academy. The problem we have is these guys wanted to flip it and make a quick £10million.

They have put nothing in place for long term success as they expected to leave after 1 year.


Escaping a lot of criticism in this shit show.
Left us years and years away from the top league. Sold us to amateurs. But he cleaned up his own mess financially so all good eh.
I have always steered away from criticism of Short. In the first few years of his tenure he provided the financial platform on which to build something special but unfortunately the appointments he made were not up to the task. In the latter years he realised he was on a hiding to nothing and things went from bad to worse but he invested something like 200 million into the club.

Methven and Donald were just the latest in a long list of people to have pulled the wool over his eyes, much like many of the managers and executives he personally appointed previously. The difference this time being that they conned him into believing they were serious people to sell the club to.