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Elite Dangerous

Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by MorNando, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. High res sites are such easy money in the sidewinder. I bought a Vulture with the best possible upgrades. Problem is, I'm scared of being shot ha ha. Costs me a million every time I die :neutral:
    I've gone back to the viper mkIII, and I'm loving it.
    I also just bought a Dolphin for the passenger rides. Basically get paid hundreds of thousands just for traveling to a station :eek:
  2. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    Its the only way to do it now they've nerfed the combat. Opponent gets on your srse so boost. Hit flight assist off. Rotate 180 degrees. Start shooting.

    Everyone says get a Vulture.

    My Corvette twats Vultures.

    Seriously... the only people who say get a Vulture are people who are going to get shot to shit.
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  3. :cool:
    I've found a high resource site only 15 seconds from a base, so making millions easily. Baris is my new home.
    I watched a YouTube advice vid, and he insisted on a kitted up Vulture. I even hate the sound of the shitty engine in it :evil:
    My uncle Kevin had a ford capri that made a similar noise.
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  4. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    Best sound is a Clipper. Fab on boost.
  5. 182m base cost for the ship alone. Are you an in game drugs lord or something?

    How did you amass so much wealth?
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  6. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    Not exactly a fair comparison though is it? It's like telling people not to get a 4 grand car because your Veyron is much faster.

    Vultures are wrecking machines if that is the play style you are going for and can't afford the bigger ships yet. Vipers are cool as well, but prefer the Vulture for taking out the bigger ships. Can rack up daft money without having to leave a site in no time whatsoever and can easily solo anacondas and shit for big money.
  7. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    220M for the Vette with all the upgrades. 22M each time I get trashed. :lol:
    Did lots of Robigo runs back when they were profitable.

    Its Elite. There's nothing fair about it. :lol:
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  8. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    Its pretty good. Go from that to a Python if you want an all-rounder or a Fer De Lance if you want combat.

    GS you've been playing this game longer than I have. Are you still flying a Vulture?
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  9. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    I've not played it for ages. Got it installed but never touched it since I got the Vulture and was gaining money like crazy but got bored of doing the same thing over and over. Then my joypad fkd up (keep losing power, not good when zipping about around asteroids etc.!!!) and haven't bothered getting a new wire for it. Was going to buy the XBOX One Elite joypad but the money they are going for is crazy!!! Those underneath triggers would be great for Elite though!
  10. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    And switch to turrets. Shoot the fuckers even when they're behind you.

    Just get a 360 gamepad. Dirt cheap and its what I use.

    Now is the time to start playing again with the Thargoids showing up.:cool:
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  11. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    That's what I have. All wireless (with PC connector) but I have no recharge packs left (think they all broke) and the usb wire is what is knacked I think so if it moves it loses power to the controller (even so much as just using the controller has it failing on and off constantly now). It's the wire I think I need but not bothered getting one yet (was going to get something better till I saw the prices!).

    Had loads to play lately so Elite hasn't been in my thoughts much to actually get a replacement lead.
  12. if I was playing PC I'd be sorely tempted to go balls in with the full HOTAS thing. Mind, it's surpisingly intuitive on the Xbox One. It doesn't link up to all the 3rd party sites though
  13. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    Was it you asking about the flight assist off?

    This guy was the master, doesn't seem to be playing it as much now - https://www.youtube.com/user/Isinona

    His vids are a good watch and he gets kicked to fuck as much as he "wins". Seems to try and play it like it should be played and not just sit in res sites shooting wanted AI. The ones after the BETA seem to be the good ones. Start at the bottom.
  14. Well, got the vulture. Got kicked to fuck.

    Back to square one

    I shudda listened. I'm gonna be a space van driver. Buy a truck or something
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  15. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    Like I said save up for a Python. I made most of my dosh in one.

    p.s. The ship route I took after my Cobra Mk III was AspX -> Clipper -> Python -> Anaconda -> Corvette.

    I played around with most other ship types during Horizons Beta but the above route is probably the best.

    Use the AspX to gain rank in Empire and Fed so you gain access to the bigger ships later on. Use the Clipper and Python for trade and combat to gain dosh to afford the bigger ships.
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  16. Next time I'm on, going to flog the vulture and get me a cobra. Probably can't afford an asp yet
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  17. Slippery Jim

    Slippery Jim Striker

    I did a lot of hand wringing and soul searching before I sold my Cobra. I loved that little bugger. :(
  18. I bought the Vulture, and skinted myself getting shot to shit. Hated it.
    I went back to my Viper and started a fight with anything. I could afford to die regularly, and learn the combat ropes.
    After a month or so I found this, and went back to my Vulture.
    I love it now! I'm very choosy with my fights though :oops::lol:
  19. I tried that build and still got mullered. I think that's half the problem like. Judging what you can comfortably take on. Anyway I'm in a a rated cobra now, looking for some trade runs. bit of Res farming, build up the creds and confidence!

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