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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wild Card, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Apologies in advance for the boring thread, but the internet is just spam and adverts as soon as you start looking for information regarding electricity costs etc.

    Basically, I have taken over a commercial unit and the electricity meter is a half hourly smart meter. Apparently, with a HH smart meter you have to have a company collect your data each month.

    I have been quoted approx. £30 quid a month (before I even start with the daily charges and price per kWh) for as long as I have the unit, which for now is 5 years.

    Is anyone else in this position?

    Does anyone know if you can just pay for an electricity company to come in and change the meter to a normal meter? Circa £1800 quid in admin fees alone before I actually pay for the electricity is hard to take.

    Another masterstroke from the people's champ, Ofgem.
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    Surely the company you use to supply your energy will also be the same ones you’ll pay to process the readings.

    There will be a deal to be done that’s for sure. Call a broker and ask them to look at deals for you.

    You will pay more for your energy as a business though.

    I have a lock up and they started charging us and it works out at about £40 a month and we only go down once every few days or weeks
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    I work for a brokers pm your number and I'll get someone to call
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    How do you send a PM?

    All the information I have found says that:

    "Half hourly electricity readings are mandatory for UK corporations using at least 100,000 kWh of electricity each year."

    I have no idea why this type of meter was put in such a small commercial unit, then again if its worth circa £30 per month extra to a supplier, maybe I do? The robbing bastards.
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    click on my profile and message
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    you may be right but there are a load of businesses that get away with being private households as there is no vat on their bills.

    this includes small businesses and even converted barns used by farmers for farming business

    when I worked for an energy company very often an upstairs flat and downstairs shop (connected by same owner) would have both meters in the downstairs shop with the main address being the upstairs flat.
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    save money by simply crawling through the ceiling into the next unit and connect to their supply
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  12. Rusty

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    Can you not ask your supplier to change it for a traditional meter? I'm assuming it's a 3 phase supply above article suggests that it's not about high consumption anuually but about having high peak draws of power. What will you be doing in the unit?
  13. Goat Eyes

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    Growing cannabis.
  14. Sneaky way of being nosey
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    It was probably put in there because of the amount of electricity the previous occupant was using (or at their behest) so it's a bit harsh to blame the supplier.
  16. Wild Card

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    Not a lot in terms of power use, its essentially going to be sensory and educational play area for babies up to toddler age. Main power will he lighting, and hot drinks.

    The reason i have been getting frustrated with the electric company is that, as far i know when the previous tenant left the building and didnt pay his final bill, sse without telling the letting agent or the owner got a court order forced their way in and removed the electricity supply.

    When it was reconnected they added the hh meter, i think.

    When i tell them the law says the compulsory data collection is for companys who have a hh meter AND use more than 100000kWh per annum and that i would be only using circa 10000 kWh they just reply hh meters have to have their data collected at a fee. Totally ignoring the and part.

    I have no idea if i can down grade the meter.

    Maybe the poster is right who said the prior tenant was growing weed and his usage was through the roof and thats why they did it.

    Think i might have to to cover the electricity costs.

    £1800 per year man to have someone take my meter reading is crackers. Well done ofgem whose idea it was. Im convinced they are on the utilities side mot the consumer

    Edit: the circa £1,800 was over 5 years not 1
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  17. Rusty

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    The letting agent won't have transferred the supply into their own name when the previous tenant moved out. Sse will have carried on billing the previous tenant sending final warnings and intentions to apply for a warrant. Letting agent will have ignored all this. Hence sse will have obtained a warrant and with it being commercial they will remove the supply. On reconnection they will generally fit whatever style meter was their previously.
  18. Bob Fleming

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    Ofgem are pretty rubbish but still worth appealing to them. Sounds like there is no way you should have that type of meter.

    Though I would say getting in touch a broker like the poster above. As they should be able to do a deal to move it to another supplier who will agree to fit another suitable meter.
  19. Wild Card

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    Yeah, I took sidewinder2's advice and got in touch with his mate who seems pretty decent to be fair.
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