Electric scooters

Discussion in 'SMB' started by monkeytassle, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. monkeytassle

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  2. James

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    Brent, Hackney and Islington iirc. They're called Lime bikes.
  3. My Boy Harry

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    Make sure you wear your stab vest.
  4. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Perfect for my commute then
  5. taipeisafc

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    Like Gards says very popular in China - lots of people use them for short journeys and the blokes who will drive you and your car home when you are pissed all have them. My lad had a 3 wheeler electric trike - he told me the battery wasnt charging and could i look at it, turns out someone had nicked the battery
  6. niceonemarra

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    Back in the house, get off your shirts and wait for further instructions, move your arse Scooter.
  7. The missus has had one for a while in Hanoi, nippy little thing, she uses it for going to the market, more convenient than the petrol scooter. She had to change the battery after a few years, also they have to register them now, as they are just as fast in traffic as the normal motorbikes, but more dangerous, as no one hears them coming, plus with no plate, people would just go through the lights, down pavements etc.
  8. niceonemarra

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    Seems that little piggy went to the market.
  9. king of the road

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    Public School arrogance. His type think they're above the law.
  10. monkeytassle

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    Here he is. Old fucking chippy mcchipperson with his tired old public school bantz. :lol:

    You are on pathetic little bitch. :lol:
  11. king of the road

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    :lol: Embarrassing yourself again massively on this thread. Cat tried to help you out but you can't help but treat her like she's a piece of shit on your shoe. Did they not treat your manners at that school? Certainly didn't drum any humility into you. Maybe it's just the small man syndrome? Angry little posh boy.
  12. banburysafc

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    You've been following him round this board for years, it's really strange to be honest.
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  13. monkeytassle

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    She was as helpful as you are being man you bitter old hoolie wannabe. I've been cycling and running to work for best part of 15 years in London man. I've forgotten more than you and her know combined.
  14. MackneyHackem

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  15. king of the road

    king of the road Midfield

    you think the way he goes on is acceptable?

    there's no stopping you :lol:
  16. monkeytassle

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    Conversation went like this:

    Me: Does anyone have an electric scooter

    Someone: No. They're for dicks. You should ride or run that distance.

    Me: Thanks that wasn't the question. I've been riding and running to work for 15 years. There's nothing you can add to what I dont already know.

    Someone: They're for dicks and you should ride.

    Me: Thanks.

    Now you.

    If you like I can send you a photo of me so you can play out your little fantasy as if I was right there with you. Absolute weirdo.
  17. kossoff

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    Just buy one then hoy up the pics then. :confused:
  18. monkeytassle

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    Well I would rather seek opinion before blazing 400 quid on something.
  19. Wilfy

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    What’s the range on them?
  20. Goat Eyes

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