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Discussion in 'SMB' started by monkeytassle, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. monkeytassle

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    Can pick it up and take it on the DLR
  2. CatRyan

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    She should wear a mask, an electric scooter isn't really keeping you mobile
  3. You can’t pretend to be an adult and then come out with that ‘hope this helps’ shite
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  4. James

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    He's talking about a personally owned one so wouldn't be dumped anywhere.

    They do not destroy historic cities anywhere near as much as the car has done and continues to do so. Dockless as a model just need to be regulated and it can work fine.

    For a mask to have any impact at all it has to be fit extremely rightly and they're difficult to breathe through, that's no good for someone with asthma.
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  5. janiep

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    If it has to be used on the pavement, no.
  6. kossoff

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    Oh but they do. Come visit Málaga and tell me they're not an eyesore at best, hazardous and dangerous at their worst. There are many pedestrianized (pedestrian only) areas around the city and then idiots end up renting these and nearly hitting people all over the place.

    They're not a terrible idea but they don't work well in practice around pedestrians.
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  7. James

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    I was there last month actually, lovely city. I think the problem is with the dockless model and total lack of regulation rather than anything else.

    I didn't see any danger at all, only people using them with care, couples using them together, I thought it was quite nice actually. It would be easy to restrict their movements in the central historic core and regulate where they can be parked.

    To be honest my only concern while there was being hit by a taxi who bizarrely seem to have free reign.
  8. kossoff

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    Makes me sick.

    Maybe I'm slightly more bothered about them by being around them more frequently.

    As for the taxis, agreed.
  9. James

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    Aye I can understand your view. I reckon I'd hate them over a sustained period as well if they were implemented over here like they have there, i.e just dropped in with seemingly no regulation, they're a bit of a mess.

    I do wonder how much they cost to manufacture and repair. They must get knackered fairly easily. That was a major issue with the dockless bikes, they cost too much to maintain.
  10. CatRyan

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    As in two people on one scooter or side by side?
  11. James

    James Striker

    Two on one.
  12. CatRyan

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  13. kossoff

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    That's what I'm saying.

    What I read is that in Manchester (where I last lived) they were introduced and quickly removed as most of them ended up in the local canals.

    It's a shame the local rivers in Malaga are mostly dry. ;)
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  14. CatRyan

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    That's somehow an incredibly annoying concept.
  15. monkeytassle

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    Pillion passengers must send you over the edge
  16. Bishop Mackem

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    Mobility scooter seems like the best solution to me
  17. Al

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  18. gards2

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    I've owned a few of the scooter style ones not the little ones. I'm 6ft 1 so I need a big bike, these are really handy and pretty nippy. I would imagine the UK has all sorts of laws to prevent these machines being around. My mate owned an ebike shop. We discussed exporting them as they are cheap in China. Needless to say the cost of buying at the other end was more than double.
  19. CatRyan

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    There are green ebikes in London you can pick up and put down where you use them
  20. humbug

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