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  1. Aye, there's some massively inconsistent teams in there who can be great one minute and hopeless the next. The current top four look good value for it, mind
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    The top 4 look to have a bit of a break as it stands (well 5 points). Chiefs are dominant, Saracens through their bad spell and the others just having good seasons.

    Falcons fifth as it stands, which is as good as they've been in years. Are they looking at a Champions' Cup place? (as it stands anyway, there's 3 points from 5th to 9th and they've played Irish twice)

    Looking at relegation, Irish to go, Bristol to replace them and the reverse to happen next season?
  3. Top 6 get champions Cup, bottom 6 get Challenge Cup.

    Irish pretty much nailed on to go down, Bristol to come up and they've spent an extraordinary amount of money so reckon they'll stay up at Worcester's expense
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    Ah, but then would Worcester bounce back at the expense of London Irish, again?
  5. I think the top 4 will end up a similar story to last season. Exeter, Sarries and Wasps should get there fairly comfortably. Then it's one from Bath, Quins, Leicester, Newcastle and Gloucester - I can't believe those last 2 are in the reckoning, but they are. 2 of those teams will justifiably feel very frustrated at not even having the European Cup as a reward for having good seasons.

    This has been one of the best Premiership seasons (so far) for a long time.
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  6. How man, even Warriors have feelings yer knaa.
  7. Yeah, maybe. There's not many of the 2nd division teams that even want promotion to the Premiership, so it's the same two or three yoyo up and down each time
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  8. We've had a cracking few games in the Prem this weekend, an excellent performance from Bath last night, no idea where that came from. A real corker between Saints and Gloucester, hilarious watching the 6 fingered lot throw it away at the death. The only thing that could have made the weekend better would have been if Irish could have nicked a win against the Tiggers. Hopefully the games tomorrow will be just as good.
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    Couldn't get the day off work today, sat about for 10 hours doing nowt and missed us putting one on Exeter. Gutted doesn't cover it.
  10. Seriously frustrating night at the Rec yesterday on the pitch, but absolutely quality off it.

    Having a chat with the Bath legends who won the European Cup 20 years ago and hearing some of their stories about the day, most notably taking the trophy into a Bordeaux McDonald's and asking the staff to fill it with strawberry milkshake.

    The banter with the Scarlets fans was great, a cracking bunch of lads and it was surprising how many they brought, and how loud they were, but they did have plenty to shout about.

    It was an excellent performance from them though, I'll be surprised if they don't beat Toulon next week and qualify as a result. Sadly it looks like our European dream is over for another year.
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    Great game. Scarlett’s bossed the game from start to finish. They was a 10 minute period in the first half where bath looked like they didn’t know how to even set up a defensive line due to the quick ball the Scarlett’s were throwing around.
  12. Yeah, we were atrocious in defence, gaps everywhere, players unsure whether or not to compete at the breakdown and not fully committing to either. We were hesitant in attack, apart from a few efforts from Watson and Banahan.

    I think most sides would have struggled to beat the Scarlets last night the way they played, but most sides wouldn't have capitulated the way we did.
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    Former Salford Reds Hooker, Malcom Alker, has pleaded guilty to armed robbery and been jailed for 4 years. Nicked cash from a KFC and a Tesco express using a machete as a weapon :eek:
  14. Fucking Roman Poite can fuck the fuck off, penalty try and a yellow card for tackling the player with the fucking ball. Twat.
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    Could be no English teams in the last 8 this year
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  16. Sarries have done enough, but a trip to Leinster (most likely) won't be easy.

    Gutted for Bath today, got the BP win, at last, then lost our way in the 2nd half and couldn't get the result we hoped for from the Scarlets. I hope they go on to win it though, cracking bunch of fans who came down to the Rec last week and a great team to watch. They seem to be the only Welsh team that don't come with the obligatory chip on their shoulder.
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    They are still Welsh.....
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    Falcons have got a home QF tie against Brive in the Challenge Cup.
    Winner plays either Connacht or Gloucester in the SF.
  19. Anyone else struggling to see the ball in the Tiggers-Racing game? I'm amazed this is going ahead tbh.
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    Why not a different coloured ball ?

    Sarries still reliant on others...18 points might not be enough.
    They could do with Leicester grabbing a home win

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