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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cockney Mackem, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Beery

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    I’ve adopted Gloucester this season as my mates son, Jake Polledri, joined them. He was only meant to be an A team player but is pushing for regular first team.

    Doing well in League at moment and good chance to progress in the challenge cup.
  2. Nothing against Quins, but if I had to get to Twickenham every other week for home games, I'd pick a different club. I've found Sarries' genuine fans are fine, but the hangers on they've picked up since they became successful tend to be the sort who wouldn't go to a European Cup final because it's a bit far.
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  3. mcq10

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    Whenever I’m at KP it seems to be more non Newcastle born supporters.

    Hate KP as a sporting venue mind. It’s a shite stadium
  4. Quins are a bunch of fancy dan posh boys who are over-favoured by England, and they veer from good one week to shite the next. I don't need any of that in my life
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  5. Charmless Man

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    I cant bring myself to support the Falcons either. But I’ll at least take the free tickets when they come up through work.

    Jason Robinson drew me to Sale.
  6. Walter Ego

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    I'm a Wasps fan if only for James Haskell.
  7. :lol:
  8. mcq10

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    Dear me I can’t stand that bloke me.

    Running joke at my rugby club about how much I dislike him and his “bantz”.

    He’s like the Michael Gove of the rugby world.
  9. As a loyal Bath fan, on European Cup weekends, I always support all the English teams...... except Leicester.

    Therefore :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  10. Charmless Man

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    He’s actually competent though.
  11. Pathetic defence by Warriors against Irish. Luckily they missed the conversion which would have brought them level

    That'll do nicely 23-8
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  12. Top performance from Worcester tonight. It goes to show how far behind the rest Irish are this season.
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  13. Struts

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    Irish are as good as down me thinks.
  14. They grew into the game like they've grown into the season. Still lots of weak areas but the sheer amount of errors Irish made was crazy. We just need to make sure we do the double on them and kick in the New Year with a couple more wins. There's a good core of youth coming through now, just hope they can bed in a good Director of Rugby to follow Gold.
  15. Aye. The only bright spots are Lewington and Big Joe, who are as much use as a chocolate dildo if you can't give them the ball. They're down, and those two will leave, and that will be the last tee hear from them for a while
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  16. humbug

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  17. Struts

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    Even their reserve team would still storm the Greene King and finish top with maximum points from 21/22 games. It’ll just strengthen the case for ringfencing if anything.

    Thank god am away at my cousins that weekend.
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  18. Great work by my beloved Chiefs there. Very firmly at the top of the table.

    From an England point of view, good to see Manu get another 80 under his belt for Leicester as well.
  19. The Chiefs look unstoppable domestically this season. I'm also relieved to see them keeping Leicester down the league after a couple of crap weeks for Bath.
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  20. Arkle

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    The league is stupidly close beyond top 1 and bottom 2, isn't it? Bonus points are going to be massive for the midtable positions...

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