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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cockney Mackem, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. What a superb performance by Scotland. The roar at Murrayfield is something else. Great day out. Train back at 7
  2. Tommasi

    Tommasi Striker

    What was with the Aussie lad at the end questioning the ref? All the rugger buggers keep telling me that rugby players would never backchat the ref ;)
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  3. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    I don’t think Australia can just blame Kepu for that but he ought to be towel whipped by his teammates. Stupid red card.

    There was a big bunch of jocks singing outside of the Aussie team hotel at 3am this morning. It was hilarious.
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  4. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

    Most don’t. Unfortunately Aussies are descended from criminals.
  5. And Jocks who got lost on the way to New Zealand
  6. Charmless Man

    Charmless Man Striker

  7. England :cool:
    Bath :cool:
    Leicester :lol:
  8. Also, I know they're a North East team and not really affiliated to the mags, but I still take pleasure in seeing Newcastle do badly
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  9. gonzalo

    gonzalo Full Back

    Just been watching the highlights back of the England Samoa game and although it was a bit haphazard at times it was interesting to see the English lads try to play a bit more loosely and adhoc.

    Johnnie Mays little run at about 15 minutes (I think) was exceptional
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  10. Worcester now as well :D


  12. Bath's ineptitude doing a great job of ruining my weekend before it's really begun :evil:
  13. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    Might be of interest

  14. Bath taking on the role of Pride of England in the European Cup again :cool:

    2 great games today, that Leinster-Exeter match was fantastic, how Exeter have gone from unbeatable in the Premiership to seemingly toothless in Europe is a mystery.
  15. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Exeter should have won that...the Leinster fans were howling like banshees for penalties/cards non stop.
    Doesn’t half boil my piss
  16. They still struggle in Europe, it's their new learning curve. And Leinster is where other teams' European ambitions go to die
  17. The fans definitely played their part for Leinster, probably part of the reason the ref didn't review their try from the forward pass.
  18. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    Anyone who puts one on Exeter is alright in my book.
  19. :lol: I've adopted Exeter as my team - can't bring myself to support Newcastle and my nearest local team is Saracens. But the native American stuff grips my shit as well
  20. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    I think with Rugby Newcastle are more of a regional team than a Newcastle one. That’s my justification anyway.

    Don’t blame you for not supporting Saracens either, embarrassing support. Especially when they brought less than what Claremont brought for the European final at a Murrayfield. Surprised you didn’t adopt Quins.

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