Eddie Van Halen


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Impossible to say really, depends on what you like. Hard rock, prog rock, etc.. look he was an innovator and brought out a flair and style just when it was needed. I listen to all sorts of music now but I would agree he's one of the best I ever seen with my own eyes. His sound still sounds as fresh today as the first time I heard him. RIP peace Eddie. If anyone thinks your the best then that's fine by me.
What was the technique? I've no appreciation of the bloke but heard someone on the radio eulogising he introduced something new to guitar playing.
Dinnar, I think it's just hammer-ons and pull-offs played at the same time, or summat. Here's John Fogarty giving a masterclass:

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Vai and Satriani are fighting it out for GOAT for me like
Eddie refined two handed tapping and nailed his effects perfectly. Eddie did not invent two handed tapping tho.

Vai and joe are great technicians but have not got any songs.

Eddie combined technique with great melody lines.