Dying and beyond

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Draig, May 14, 2019.

  1. MackneyHackem

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    I was handed a Dianetics leaflet on my lunch break today. Cheeky kernts.
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  2. Mercia Blackcat

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    What is dead cannot die.
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  3. ontap

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    With all due respect life is too short to waste 47 mins watching those
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  4. This is one of the nicest (kinda) takes, well worth the read:
    Personally I know that when I die this whole testing environment including all you constructs will just turn off completely. You should probably be aware that you actually disappear when Im not around and then reappear with newly added "memories" when I require entertainment. Obviously you cant accept this, its against your programming.
  5. Draig

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    Ah, the old 'Everyone Knows' school of research...

    And The SMB isn't?

    I thought that was to say Format the fu**er or Sh*t in her knicker draw

    I bet you've wasted a lot more time than that on The SMB just this week
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  6. niceonemarra

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    It was worth it but those films are just as crazy as all the Aliens bollocks I have been posting, give your head a shake marra.
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  7. Pants

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    Well, evidently, it is.
  8. Draig

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    What about if those medics are right about the dying process but just wrong in their supposition that it points to a great being of light and merely points toward hallucination caused by neurological decay? Is that still crazy?

    I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that so many people just fell into the 'I know it isn't like that' or 'It's all bollocks' type of posts instead of using this great, atheistic argument.
  9. cook

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    As much as I like the thought of getting another go when I die, I just don't believe it.

    If i do, I'm not coming back a Sunderland fan that's for sure. 1 life is enough of this :lol:
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  10. SydneyFan

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  11. ontap

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    At least most of what I have
    You may be right but at least some of what I have been reading is factual , your not surely expecting educated people to even look at that twaddle.
  12. Kent_Mackem

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    You should publish your evidence, you would win a Nobel Prize I’m sure.
  13. niceonemarra

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    Welcome to Earth.
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  15. Effrafax

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    Not read any of this, but, when you die that’s it, nothing. End of thread.
  16. JC22

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    I’d like to think I’m open minded on many things and have read into the different arguments on this but I just can’t believe in the after life no matter how hard I try.

    I’d love to believe and really don’t like the thought of not existing anymore but what can I really do. I just try to enjoy my life without thinking about it.
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  17. What would make the modern generation believe is that we are all part of a gigantic SIM game and GODs are the game players who manipulate us and follow us through our lives and various afterlives.
  18. The scientific evidence suggests that you are 170 pounds of rotting meat. Unless of course you happen to be raised in the right religion.
  19. Where do suicide bombers go after they die?


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  20. In bits.

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