Dying and beyond

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  1. "We have an unusual method of disposal of the dead. The Parsi corpse is exposed to the rays of the sun, and the corpse is consumed or devoured by birds of prey — vultures, kites and crows," Mistree says.

    For Zoroastrians, burying or cremating the dead is seen as polluting nature. So for centuries, the Parsis in Mumbai have relied on vultures to do the work — that is, until the entire population of vultures in the city vanished.
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  2. FalkirkMackem

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    What about those that died before Jesus rocked up.

    Are they just unlucky?

    absolute rubbish man :rolleyes::lol:
  3. Horley Chorley

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    As I said earlier, this is from a book I've read.
    They are not my personal views, on the subject of death and beyond.
  4. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    It’s just the same as before you were born.
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  5. Class - SAFC were good then.
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    Mr Serious. The job of the second post on SMB thread? I performed my job pretty well.
  7. FalkirkMackem

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    Aye, the book is absolute rubbish
  8. Some Random Guy

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    Tbf marra, you asked people to sit through an hour of blokes monologuing on a stage.

    Is it difficult to understand nobody is doing that before replying? :lol:

    As a kid my priest told me that they could have gotten into heaven as they hadn't had the opportunity to hear the word of God or some such.

    Seems like a ***** trick to spread the word if that's the case imo.
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  9. Q_Ball

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    So what's everyone's thoughts about advancements in technology to pro-long life maybe even indefinitely ? Nanotechnology to fix ailments, cyborg enhancements for the body. Integration with the human brain.
  10. soapster

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    I told this before but wont go into the full details as before.

    as somebody who has been declared dead, some 26 years ago, I can tell the story of dying.

    As it was on a resus ward bed at the then sdgh. I was aware something was happening to me as all of sudden, nurses started shouting and my clothes took off.

    I felt tired and felt and very soothed. It felt as though a warm glow was going through my body from feet to head.

    It felt as the though the heaviest rucksack had been taken of my back and I was very relaxed and feeling very warm in an extremely dark room.

    next thing I remember is being given some sort of needle into the aorta and cant remember anything else until waking up in the CCU.

    It transpired I was brought round from 5 coronary attacks.

    I then had a sixth which they could not resuscitate and declared dead.

    short while later as they started to take off the leads one of the contacts burst into life and the staff done their job again.

    Although I felt warm, relaxed and at peace there was no out of body experience or bright lights
  11. MackneyHackem

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    Areet L.Ron?
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  12. Boris Bear

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    Sounds like Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3

    No mate...you’re definitely going to die.

    Sounds shite
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    JAZZMANB Striker

    99% Of what you've thought and done have gone now ,while still alive
  14. Threat reported.
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  15. Boris Bear

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    And soon in your case :evil:

    JAZZMANB Striker

    I'm not big on bashing peoples beliefs .If the idea that little old Doris will meet her Stan when she goes ,helps her day to day let her believe that .Its just a coping mechanism for some folk
  17. Boris Bear

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    I want to die suddenly and peacefully in my sleep like my Dad, and not screaming in terror like his passengers.
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  19. Harry Angstrom

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    No thanks
  20. Some Random Guy

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    Took 6 pages but at least some sod got it.
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