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Dudley Sutton RIP

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Kevin Arnott's right boot, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Sad to learn of the death of Dudley Sutton today. I was a big fan of Lovejoy back in the day and I've been watching the reruns on Drama recently.

    He must have been one of the last surviving cast members of Porridge too.
  2. errant

    errant Striker

    Think i’ll google Dudley Sutton...
  3. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    He played Tinker? Sad news...
  4. Aye. And Reg Urwin "with a U" in Porridge.
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  5. Rubberglove

    Rubberglove Midfield

    It’s somewhere in the midlands
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  6. waddy999

    waddy999 Winger

    Drank with him in the Black Swan in Leyburn when he was filming in Wensleydale once. Nice bloke, stood at the bar in his bare feet. R.I.P.
  7. a1970man

    a1970man Midfield

    The football factory for me, playing the old supporter
  8. HerdnMulhall

    HerdnMulhall Central Defender

    This makes me feel very old as I can remember as a young kid watching him in a film at the old Marina cinema in Sea Road playing a young guy accused of murder.
    I just googled it and the film was made in 1962. It was called the `The Boys´and iirc he was unjustly sentenced to hang at the end. Can anyone correct me on this?
    Anyway I´ve been an opponent of capital punishment ever since.
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  9. toosb

    toosb Striker

    Well he's one most people would have to Google. But I'll bet the vast majority know when they see his face.
  10. Marty Moose

    Marty Moose Striker

    The devils is one of my favourite films, and he was great in it. RIP tinker
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  11. Dudley Sutton sounds like a village in Norfolk.
  12. It’s 2 places in the Midlands
  13. millfield ftm

    millfield ftm Central Defender

    Saw him in a film called the leather boys , London film , black and white , motorcycle gang stuff
  14. HerdnMulhall

    HerdnMulhall Central Defender

    Wiki notes the following
    `Sutton became known after unusual roles in two films directed by Sidney J. Furie. He played a frustrated teenager accused with his friends of murder in The Boys (1962) and a gay biker in The Leather Boys (1964), both parts showing his potential for offbeat screen personae. At a reunion of the three surviving stars of the earlier film in London on 17 September 2017, Sutton related that he felt himself privileged that these movies had dealt with two matters close to his heart: the iniquity of the death penalty, and gay rights. He married American actress Marjorie Steele in 1961;´
    So I think you´re referring to the 1964 one and the one I remember is the one dealing with the death penalty.

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