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    iirc that was his (Dave West's) own beer might be wrong like..he didn't deserve what happened to him, when he first started he only had a caravan and a few pallets of beer under a tarpaulin then as @bernardbresslaw said a little bit bigger then he got the warehouse which alerted the customs
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    A long weekend is enough for me over there, how much money you taking? :lol:

    Just opened a bottle of campo viejo rioja and it’s going down a treat alongside a curry :cool:
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    Never heard of him. Heard of EastEnders like.
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  5. To me going out with my mates for a bit crack is for drinking.

    Could not imagine sitting on my own drinking.
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    Northern Monk releasing a rhubarb and custard pale ale end of the week. They've never done a bad one thus far.

    It's like any other drink. Can have a tea on my own. A coffee. A juice. A glass of wine. A bottle of beer etc.
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  7. Well yeah see what you mean, having a bottle same as another drink.

    What I was meaning was that could not drink can after can in the house on my own, or bottle of wine on my own, could not imagine getting pissed not in company.
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    Aye fairy nuff. Can definitely see why some would think that way tbf.

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    Too much fighting on the dance floor.
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  11. Might get wasted tonight.
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    Drinking French vodka with Diet Coke for a change.
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    canny :lol:
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    Don’t drink during the week, have done in the past mind. Only really drink when i’m out, might have a few on a Friday or Saturday if we’re having a weekend in
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    Imagine not drinking a certain type of drink because you don’t have any company :lol:

    Can’t drink water as the mrs has gone out
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    Kicked wine out of my life two years ago and don't miss it. It is a potent drink and easy to have one more glass, with a stinking bad head the next day. How many people say they are 'going to have a glass of wine'? Not really the case though. I'm going to have a bottle of wine tonight is closer.
  18. Have a bottle of red every night. 2 bottles and 4 pint cans on a weekend. Doeant affect me as much as it should. Gonna try to have days off during the week but cant remember a day i havent drank tbh. Call me a drunk if you want but im no quitter
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    Let loose a bit tonight and had at least another 10ml of squash more than normal.
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    Are you a happy drunk phil? As youre a proper miserable kernt sober!:lol:
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