Drinking habits that annoy you


Full Back
I’m calling bullshit

there’s never a pub at London Bridge that is cash only
Fair enough gobshite there wasn’t I made it up..

Three Saturdays ago the Kings Head in London Bridge wasn’t taking card payments but you know better

Dave Herbal

Usually Jamie's If I'm in the town on a Saturday afternoon, or the Isis, Dunn Cow, Fitzie's, Burton house, no pubs that you would like, I steer clear of those shite chrome and plastic bars.
I go to all them real ale pubs man. But they’re not available at 3am so you have to go elsewhere


Christmas drinkers
Fair weather drinkers
People stood at the bar who've already been served


Christmas drinkers
Fair weather drinkers
People stood at the bar who've already been served
Depends on the pub that last one, some times the bar is the most sociable place to stand. You need to move out the way if someone needs to be served mind you.

Slow joe

Since pubs have existed people have sat at the bar and had a drink. I do it pretty much everytime I'm in the pub. Literally had no idea it annoyed people.
People who want to set up a kitty
People who buy spirits in a round
People who drink spirits instead of pints
People who bow out when the night is young
People who drop the shoulder
People who won’t hold your pint while you go for a piss/tab
People who won’t wait for you to finish your tab and march into the pub to order the round before you’ve had a chance to peruse the real ale selection.
People who leave half of their pint in every pub
People who won’t neck their drink when someone announces “next pub
People who, when you say “I’m finished. I’ll just pop for a tab/piss and meet you outside”, stay where they are and carry on gassing so you have to come all the way back in the pub to chivvy them along
People who want to stay in the same pub for more than 2 drinks.
People who won’t go in a certain pub because “the beer is crap”
People who ask for a taster
People who ask for a dimpled pint pot instead of a glass
People who get edgy and start fights
People who need a tactical spew to get through the night
People who get so pissed they need sending home/ putting in a taxi
People who try to pay with their phone but can’t get it to work.
People who won’t go in a certain pub for a stupid reason eg the toilet smells

Have I missed anything?
You are always last to finish your pint because you are usually too busy talking shite 😉


Belter IPA from Northern Monk in The Cluny. 8 quid a pint. It annoys me when people moan about the price as they'd rather drink any old shite as long as it is cheap.