Dress Down Friday at Work


Central Defender
At our work someone comes in dressed as a women, all the gear like. It's 2019 like.

Shelley Levine

Central Defender
Aye, we have it.

I think it is a great idea, especially when you’re going out straight from work or off travelling.

Granted, suit and tie no longer needed the other four days of the week so the change is not that great.

But being able to wear a pair of jeans on a Friday is great.
Had this in the 90s, i was a site bod, but sometimes instead of gardening leave between jobs I had to go the office. Went in my casual site gear, obviously something was said, so the boss asked if I could smarten up or make myself scarce. So I swiped in the office, then went the cinema or leisure center etc most days, came back and swiped out. On the second week, the penny dropped and i was asked where I’d been, I was making myself scarce, he laughed, he meant just stay in my booth and not walk around showing I’m on dress down every day.

Lionel Hutzz

anybody else's company do this carry on, great to spot the mid life crisis in the office mind
Yep noticed a fair few SAFC clothes on older people amongst the odd bisto boy which is quite unusual for Darlo. At mine they recently got rid of dress code so now some scatters turn up everyday in grey joggers and "comedy" t shirts (if found return to the pub etc)

Seaham Towny

Dress down - bollocks!

The world seems to have been on a downward trajectory towards ever more casual clothes in the workplace. How long before we all just chuck in the towel and come to work in pyjamas?

Hospital scrubs used to be for people doing surgery in the OR. Now everyone from the janitor to the receptionist up to the chief surgeon rolls up in scrubs.

I’m flighting a rearguard action against this sloppiness. Love getting suited and booted for work.
You must be a right laugh at parties mate