Doxford gatehouse

shame, I heard that they were going to reopen the yards after brexit. would've been a canny nod to the town's rich heritage, keeping the gatehouse


One of the mentalist things I've read on here complaining that it wasn't all going to be saved and restored.


:lol: :lol:

Absolute rot. There was nothing architecturally significant about it. It had some history as being the entrance to a place of work (where most people probably fucking hated) where we built ships. They have saved the gates and the arch - the historically significant bit.
you ,my fried , have never had the pleasure of walking through it or working in the offices... Palestine...sorry Phillystine


Don't even know where it was ,its that iconic .Knocked a tile factory down to build my house the bastards .They don't care !


To keep the whole thing they would have had to practically rebuild it from scratch. When something is that dilapidated then it needs to be a fairly major building to make it worthwhile. The gatehouse didn't really qualify in this respect. Sad but not a disaster.