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Discussion in 'SMB' started by E M P I R E, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. E M P I R E

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    Went for a walk along the river to see some Tall Ships. Parked by the SoL and walked down this pathway to the Wear side. I imagine once upon a time it was used to take coal down to barges? There's also a big brick thing down there too. Could anyone forge a way through my very technical description and tell me a bit more details about said things?

    Here's some pictures to make things more interesting.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Paddy O'Dors

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    The bottom two were for the coal staithes, loading them into barges. The top one is just a really old pathway, comes out at the SoL car park.

  3. jcrossan

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    If you see Kone push him in
  4. cluffy

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    Probably my favourite Neil Young track
  5. andy

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    Looking at that pic i forgot how big it was. I used to bring the coal trains out of there.
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  6. It really is wasted and crying out for development that part of the riverside, criminal that it's unused and in dis-repair given that it's so near to the town centre.
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  7. Kevj

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    I used to fish on the Gill side across from the staithes. Was class hitting the hull of the Bumblebee then ten minutes later, an angry Dutch bloke arriving on the deck and screaming swear words at us :lol:

    All the way up to the old Coles cranes site at Clatchy.
  8. heroesof73

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  9. My first thought.
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  10. Mantobar

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    SC should be using our industrial heritage to boost tourism. Mining and shipbuilding museum comes to mind. Might upset LEN hopefully
  11. Any idea who is the female vocalist?
  12. It could be proper nice and an attraction down there with a bit of thought and investment but instead it's just left to rot.
  13. heroesof73

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    Blonde is his missus?
  14. Apparently yes. thanks.
  15. My Left Foot

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    Sometimes take the dog for a walk down there, and the last time I went down that path there was evidence of drug use (heroin) all over the place.
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  16. EDGE

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    There would be uproar.

    The FB oldies would blow a plethora of gaskets.
  17. None of them have been down there for years and are living on memories
  18. A landing jetty? Get a ferry from depfords or the town to the match? Or from the marina
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  19. Stubbs ftm

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    What happened to the little boat that used to go from below the bridge?
  20. Sammy Dodds had a narrow boat type thing with windows 20+ years ago. I’ve not seen it for years.

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