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Douglas costa spitting at opponent today

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by jarrowdiamond, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. jarrowdiamond

    jarrowdiamond Full Back

    Utterly disgusting should be banned for the season

    *Bollocks.... edit
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  2. itscoldinhere

    itscoldinhere Winger

    What instrument would he play?
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  3. KI.S.Y

    KI.S.Y Central Defender

    Which band would you put him in
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  4. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Surely it's band of the season?

    Great tunes.
  5. Confucius

    Confucius Striker

    Mayday mayday a band on spit
  6. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    Dirty bastard. The urge to smash his face in must have been unreal :lol:
  7. jarrowdiamond

    jarrowdiamond Full Back

    :oops::oops::oops: stupid phone :lol:
    Confucius likes this.
  8. Latka Gravas

    Latka Gravas Striker

    Horrible twat
  9. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    It was an involuntary spasm in the diaphragm.
  10. Latka Gravas

    Latka Gravas Striker

  11. tenpins

    tenpins Midfield

    Just seen it. The man is a fucking disgrace.
  12. Latka Gravas

    Latka Gravas Striker

    Nah, it was a gremmer
    TyroneSchulase and Mr Redknapp like this.
  13. Shangri La

    Shangri La Striker

    The other lad would have been well within his rights to rip his head off.
    silas80 and Vindaloo Man like this.
  14. davoak

    davoak Striker

    Scruffy wanker
  15. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    Bah. That's fucking rank. What an animal.
    silas80 likes this.
  16. Elbowed and head butted 2 players before this as well.
  17. Vindaloo Man

    Vindaloo Man Midfield

    He should have had his lips punched clean off for that the horrible c unt.

    KNGHTHOOD Striker

    The actions of someone who can't argue logically.
  19. Great accuracy

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