Dortmund bus terrorist attack

Discussion in 'SMB' started by mackembhoy, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Sideshow Bob2

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    Played too much GTA, that lad.
  2. Because the first thing people think about their political stand point. People will think ISIS straight away because most attacks are carried out by them. But now we know it wasn't. But rather than keeping to the topic than a German-Russian national carried the attack for financial gain, people look to bait the opposite side.
  3. I didn't ask a "Why" question, I asked a "How" question
  4. The right and the left have more in common than you think. The first thing you thought about was to make a comment on Muslims not carrying out the attack to bait the right wing bellends. Just like posters calling it an Islamic attack within seconds to bait the left wing bellends.

    It's petty point scoring. That's 'How' you are two cheeks of the same arse.
  5. I didn't ask that "How" question.
  6. Right OK sorry.
  7. Morse

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    The Daily Mail will twist it somehow. His ancestors will be from a brown part of Russia. It's a big country that has borders with Muslim countries.
  8. James

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    That was exactly my thoughts anarl. :lol:
  9. It's been that way since the first ferret got swapped for a bag of taties marra.
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    anyone able to explain this in layman's terms? How's he likely to make millions off a drop in price after just buying the shares for the original price?
  12. James

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    By short selling I assume? Borrowing shares from a lender to sell on. Have a Google of it. Someone like @chunkylover53 or @monkeytassle are more likely to know though..
  13. Essentially bought options
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  15. Just think of the shares worth billions :cool:
  16. DaveAngel

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    Well that makes a change

    Aye it's shocking victimization

    I can't remember the last attack someone of that faith carried out

    Has it even been 24 hours ffs
  17. riffraff

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    Presumably he bought the shares under his own name? Please don't tell me he booked into the hotel under it anarl! Then acted all casual while everyone was panicing? FFS am I the only person left on the planet who actually watches cop shows on the telly?
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  18. I watch Billions and I was saying that the storyline was excellent and isn't stupid or far fetch. But if they put a storyline like this into it you'd say it jumped the shark.:lol:
  19. shogun1904

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    Sounds like a well thought out business plan the fucking melt.
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