Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Jackster, May 17, 2019.

  1. Jackster

    Jackster Subs Bench

    if the win let’s not get all arrogant thinking we will piss it, seems a lot of overly confident people thinking it will be easy, no way do I want to be like that lot up the road giving it billy big bollocks, we could easily trip up
  2. iansun

    iansun Striker

    This season has proved surely that there is no easy game.
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  3. Big Dave 53

    Big Dave 53 Winger

    This, and if it is, we will make it difficult for ourselves.
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  4. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    They are absolute dog shit
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  5. Donny have played well, some canny football there mind 3-4!
  6. Kumbuka

    Kumbuka Full Back

    Tbh if we’re over confident on here it will have no impact on the result whatsoever.
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  7. This ^
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  8. andymulesafc

    andymulesafc Striker

  9. Fievel

    Fievel Full Back Contributor

    Jesus this league :lol:
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  10. offmenut

    offmenut Striker

    They were better than us at their place.
    No chance of being cocky.

    We lost to fucking fleetwood and Southend.
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  11. NickiP

    NickiP Full Back

    Well on the upside whoever gets through will have played a lot of minutes of football to get there. Shame there isn't a shorter time between matches!
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  12. this board, gets worse.
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  13. andymulesafc

    andymulesafc Striker

  14. Prat!
  15. That ^^^
  16. peasmarshmakem

    peasmarshmakem Central Defender

    would love penalties and taylor to eff it up
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  17. SPUFF

    SPUFF Striker

    Id sooner face a side that got about 15 less points over a season!
  18. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    Only 9 days rest to recover, they will be fucked for the final
  19. KGC83

    KGC83 Striker

    Makes absolutely no difference in a one off final. The way these two have played tonight I would rather play Charlton.

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