Donald says 1 transfer incoming could end up being 3


Donald did the podcast this morning with Rocker Report and replied to the question "any incoming transfers?" With

"Jack would say maybe but I'm more excitable so will say, yes 1 transfer should be coming in but it might end up being 3 different players coming in"

Then asked what positions

"They are defensive players"

SAFC Wilks

A left back who could provide some attacking impetus would make a lot of difference to us going forward. Although Ozturk was good today another big powerful Centre back would be ideal.
But struggling to think why a third!!
Aye agreed. A LB is a must and I can understand another CB who would hopefully not be as bad as Flanagan, Baldwin or Loovens.

RB maybe? But think McLaughlin & O’Nien are good options there.


We need a LB and a left side CB. Willis looks canny but needs to play on the right side. Ozturk will be fine as first deputy. A winger would be great like ...


Central Defender
In likelihood all three won't come off, so it's maybe a LB and a CB. I'd still like to see a quality striker, poss also an attacking midfielder. Fingers crossed.