Dog rescued 135 miles off Thai coastline

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    Seen this man.. Dog rescued 220km off Thai coast
    'A dog discovered some 220km (135 miles) off the coast of Thailand has been rescued by a team of oil rig workers after the exhausted pooch was spotted paddling near a drilling platform.

    The brown aspin swam towards the workers when they called out to him last Friday afternoon. He was then pulled to safety.

    It is not clear how the dog became stranded so far out at sea. Some reports suggest he may have fallen from a fishing trawler.'

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    I was reading that earlier, poor little fucker.

    Imagine doing doggy paddling for 135 miles. He was probably trying to get away from someone trying to eat him.
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    What is his name?

    The rig workers named the dog Boonrod, a Thai word that roughly translates as "the saved one" or "survivor".
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  4. How far did the owner throw the stick! :eek:
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    did well mind, get a bit of rest now and off again.
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    Bet he's well pissed off, was all set to be the first pooch to circumnavigate the world and those sods have pulled him in and put a rope on him.
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