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  1. shaun61

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    Just about to sort the above for my 10 month old labrador and wonder if anyone can recommend a good pet insurer that theyve had no bother with eg prompt pay when things have gone wrong, helpful etc ?

    Loads on comparethemarket - dont like this excess PLUS 5% OF THE COST OF ANY OPERATION ETC MALARKEY !

    Cheers in anticipation
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  2. Arkle

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    I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I use Petplan for the cat. Not sure they're the cheapest (well, they aren't) but they will pay the vet directly so you only get billed for the excess. Never had a problem with them over several claims.
  3. Never had any trouble with Animal Friends and their prices seem reasonable.
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  4. Do the general inline search through somewhere like money supermarket, we have Tesco who have been good so far
  5. MattyW

    MattyW Goalkeeper

    Go for the ‘lifetime’ option, slightly more expensive but worth it if you have a young dog as there is no annual cap for ongoing conditions.
  6. Casper

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    We had to claim £2500 for a Mri scan for our dog through John Lewis Pet Insurance. They paid the vet directly so wasn't a case of us being out of pocket then claiming back.

    No quibble whatsoever, also paid out for the emergency vet that we got out on New Year's Day as it was related so only paid excess once.

    As mentioned lifetime is a must if they end up having ongoing needs.
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  7. Outlaw Pete

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    We use Direct Line and have made 1 claim which they paid up for straight away minus the excess. Mind it's £38 a month as he's 11 which is more than my car and house insurance combined.
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  8. gasman

    gasman Subs Bench

    We use John Lewis with their ‘lifetime’ option. My parents use the same and neither one of us has had an issue with claims etc. I’m sure they came top of a ‘Which’ survey, although I’d double check that if you were interested.
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  9. Tesco Lifetime is canny and good value
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  10. Colbert

    Colbert Central Defender

    We’ve got Pet Plan, never had a problem in the past with them, but they’ve just put up their monthly.
  11. More than. Put a claim in last Sunday and got a check on Tuesday.
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  12. rokerman

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    I use Pet Insurance for cats, dogs, birds and more for my dog.
    Haven't had to claim.

    My sister had a terrible time getting money out of PetPlan but I've actually heard good things about them. Quote didn't stack up for me so went elsewhere.
  13. Binternet

    Binternet Midfield

    We have more than. It's expensive at about £50 a month but the excess is tiny, it's lifetime cover and the annual limit is big. When they had to pay out a huge amount of money for an operation recently there were no issues. They deal with the vet direct as well so no messing about on my part. As the dogs problem is likely to lead to further issues down the line I'll just stick with them regardless of monthly cost as it's nice to know they can have the absolute best medical cover with no financial concerns to think about.
  14. Chappers

    Chappers Striker

    Animal friends here too.
  15. Kid Galahad

    Kid Galahad Striker

    Can the baldy fella not help @shaun61 ?
  16. Patch

    Patch Winger

    Can you not just get third party, fire and theft until you've built up your no claims discount?
  17. Chicken Kiev

    Chicken Kiev Central Defender

    I use Insurance Emporium but i actually got it through a compare site. I got all sorted for my Frenchy for 16.99 a month,lifetime sort of thing
    I am literally about to claim as he knacked his ligaments on saturday and i had to go thorough an emergency vet . I pay £95 excess.
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  18. tenpins

    tenpins Central Defender

    Insured through the Kennel Club.
    Not the cheapest but they were excellent when I needed them.
    Animal Friends were charging £140 per month for our previous dog.
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  19. MattyW

    MattyW Goalkeeper

    140??? Per month??
  20. shaun61

    shaun61 Striker

    Haway man Gaz

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