Dog has arthritis

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mantobar, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Arkle

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    Olive oil has to be one of the best and most versatile things going.
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  2. Jukebox

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    We use the turmeric for our horses, they have been on it for about 6/7 years. It's worth looking into, there is a lot on the internet about 'Golden Paste'.
    Turmeric, cold pressed Olive Oil and freshly ground black pepper. Our boys are on that.
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  3. Rotten Johnny

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    Dogs can be prescribed Tramadol or Gabapentin for arthritis.
    My 11 y/o sheltie is now on them. Works well for her.
  4. max wartbug

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  5. CatRyan

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    That would be my advice. Only thing I can add is good dry food like science plan and add oil and or oily fish. You can usually buy equine glucosamine much cheaper and it is the same thing.
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned but tins of sardines a day. That's what we give our dog. Vets advice
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  8. Mantobar

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    Tesco has pet glucosamine tablets £3 for 90 tablets apparently. Going to try them plus oily fish for her.Thanks to all
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  9. SAFC11

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    Weve been using cbd oil with tumeric, along with tablets containing glocosamine, chondroiten etc. Hes like a new dog this last year
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  10. flashpants

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    extend pets uk on facebook may be of use mate.
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  11. MackneyHackem

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    Would this be a good thing to give to a puppy? Or nee point?
  12. South Hylton

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    Mine has arthritis, and the other month seemed crippled by it, took her to the vets and they did (seemingly) some chiropractic kind of work on her and she came out really well. So worth looking into that. The change in her was amazing.
  13. Not sure about a puppy or small dog, but would be ok with a fully grown medium sized and above dog. Bob started getting slight stiffness when he about 9, so that's when the vet said to start. I just put Jack on them at the same time as I thought I might as well protect his joints as well even though he's the younger one.
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    Very surprised there hasn't been a take her in the shower with you...
    I guess the usual suspects are busy :eek:
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  15. gods_homeboy

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    Yumove tablets (don't buy from your vets or pets@ home as they are massively over priced there)

    Golden paste - look online on how to make this

    Hydrotherapy - from 4 years old my boy used to go to the butterwick hydrotherapy on a weekly basis. The improvement this gives most dogs is unbelievable.
  16. chopsfc007

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    It's strange my dog chases the ball on the beach fine but proper drags his leg when going upstairs
  17. wilki

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    Cbd oil, research it, thats all im saying. Very eye opening.
  18. DJP

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    We sent our greyhound Molly to the Northeast Hydrotherapy Centre 2 - 3 times per week for over a year and they were amazing. The hydrotherapy exercise and laser treatment she got there definitely prolonged her life, bless her.

    North East Hydrotherapy
  19. gods_homeboy

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    I would say the stairs are a different form of movement compared to running on the beach. The hydrotherapy at butterwick also have a water treadmill where they will check how your dog is walking/running. They are really good, highly recommend.

    Like I said Buddy, used to go once a week after he had back operations (had 2 operations to remove slipped discs).
  20. I was reading that the freshly ground black pepper makes the active ingredient in the turmeric work more effectively.

    It may be worth trying adding it to @HerdnMulhall s turmeric and olive oil regime if it doesn't upset the dog.

    Link about turmeric and black pepper

    Why Turmeric and Black Pepper Is a Powerful Combination
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