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Discussion in 'SMB' started by houst69, Jun 12, 2019 at 12:02 PM.

  1. houst69

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    Thinking of getting my Labrador neutered, would you recommend? Also what price does it normally cost?
  2. b1gals

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    It's free if you use a couple of housebricks. Doesn't hurt either ..... unless you catch your thumbs
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  3. How old is the dog?
    What are you hoping to achieve with the neutering, as in are you wanting to change behaviour by having it done.
    Do you have a bitch that you’d be worried about him getting at?
  4. Space Hopper

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    I'll say one thing for neutering. It takes balls.
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  5. maygo

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    I'd do it because-
    1- stops the chance of unwanted litters, if your frisky fella gets his paws on a willing female
    2- chills them out a bit, especially important if they're a hyperactive little fuckwit

    He'll hate you for a bit afterwards like, which is understandable- you've cut his nads off ffs
  6. Boz33

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    The op does know the dog can't get him pregnant doesn't he?
  7. Costs up to around £100 depending on the weight of the dog at ours.
  8. Free if you diy it. Doubt you and the dog will ever make eye contact again mind.
  9. girojim

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    Last time I took my dog the vet he said he was going to have to put her down

    "why?" I asked

    "Because she's too heavy"
  10. gazc24

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    My balls summer, where are mt balls
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Scorer

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    It's been perceived wisdom that it's likely to reduce aggression and make dogs slightly less likely to bugger off as well as being healthier due to risk of cancer but the biggest studies haven't really proven any link to better behaviour and at least one suggests an actual increase in inter- dog aggression. Anecdotally I have to say most people I know that have neutered their dog do seem to think it helps a bit with boisterous dogs but it's not a fix for general misbehaviour.
    The rescue centre we got ours from seemed to have a different view- they were convinced that, in females in particular, it had sometimes radically changed the character of the bitch to the point where some were uncontrollably aggressive having previously been placid and with dogs they felt, if anything, it made them likely to be a bit more anxious which slightly increased the risk of fear aggression.
    Most vets still recommend it though and advice about when to do it varies considerably.
    Sorry- probably more confused now!

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