WAW Does League Position Matter Before A Derby?

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It's one of football's oldest clichés; when it comes to derby games, the form book goes out the window. So how true is it? Well, looking at one of English football's fiercest derbies - Sunderland against Newcastle - suggests that, like all good clichés, there is an element of truth in it but it doesn't tell the full story.

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No i dont think league position matters, or even form. As you say its a cliches and it aint always true but all you need is a manager to play down the importance or over hype it. There is a very fine line. Just look at spurs v whamtuis sseason wham went out and played the derby spurs played it like another game.
I am confident of a win but its by no means assured. No games are never mind a blood boiling derby


I can´t say that it have mattered in any derby I have been to.. Motivation beats class quite often
Apart from last season the only time we've beaten them is when we've finished higher, so it does play it's part.

It definitely plays its part. League position and form matter as much in a derby as any other game and especially in this derby where they have a habit of kicking us while we're down.


League position doesn't matter one little bit.

The fact we have one of the worst premier league sides in history, that makes a difference.

marco popas

Its not true at all. The better team normally wins. Just like, until the last few years, man u normally beat man city, arsenal normally beat Tottenham, Newcastle normally beat us. There will be the odd supprise result but the better team wins more derby games.


The team that scores the most goals will win the game, that is all I know.

may I take you back to Sunderland vs Charlton 2002/2003.... 1-3 was with Sunderland scoring all the goals in that match ;)
OH DEAR LORD how depressing :cry:


In our case both teams are shit so fuck knows what ya gonna get


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It definitely doesn't matter one bit. Form goes out of the window whenever it comes to a derby game, as proved by how we were in freefall last season and then tanked them 3-0.
It's very rare in the case of a Newcastle/Sunderland derby for the form book to be upset to any great extent. Generally, the side doing better in the league comes out on top.

When that doesn't happen (e.g. the 5-1 debacle), it's generally a sign that whoever is doing better in the league isn't as good as they think they are and are about to slip down the table.
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