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Discussion in 'SMB' started by jacko100, Oct 4, 2018.

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    I heard about that, could be flashbacks? Or Chibnall lying to throw us off the scent.

    Here's the new one. Very retro but in a good way.

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    So apart from that, How was Doctor Who?
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  3. Sir Lancelot

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    I’m still reserving judgement, though I do like Bradley’s character.

    Forgot to ask, who else has ordered the Barbie Thirteenth Doctor?
  4. yyy

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    I found the first episode quite easy to follow. Is Chris Chibnall going to refresh the format after some turgid scripting under Steve Moffat?

    On second thoughts, why have I bothered posting as I can see this thread has been spoilt by another slanging match. :confused:
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  5. Slippery Jim

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    Why have they dressed the Doctor like a crap 1980s childrens' TV presenter?
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  6. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    She explained it in the BBC America thing - it started as a picture of a female skinhead and went from there.
  7. Pants

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  8. DaveH

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    That does sound like the Baker & Davidson era, only not as much of a base line. Canny

    Might be a good thing. It felt like the last few series had to have a dalek episode, had to have a cyberman one and there were a lot of weeping angel ones after the success of a one off episode. I thought they did them to the death.
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  9. Takes me back to November 1963
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  10. I watched this. For me it's a kids programme but harmless if there is nowt else on.

    I've never watched the show since Tegan's day, that lass who was the doctors partner when it was the bloke who used to be in all creatures great and small
  11. AlpineExile

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    Why not just say "the loud mouthed whining Australian one" it's easier.
  12. She was a quality actress. In numerous ways
  13. f1since08

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    Tegan is underated, she starts a bit gobby but actually is a solid companion. Makes the Doctor realise he's not the hero he thinks he is as well when she leaves.
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  14. Flip

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    Agree with your order although not for the same reasons it would appear
  15. zinedine

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    I didn't like Eccleston he's an actor I find annoying. Plus I didn't think Dr Who should have a Manc accent. David Tennant said in an interview that he put on an English accent to keep the Dr's accent neutral. He said I was well pissed off when along came Capaldi with no attempt at not being scottish. Tenant said if he'd known he'd have played the Dr as a full on Scotsman.
    Best Dr for me was David Tennant followed by Matt Smith. Before they came along I'd have said that the Dr should be an older actor but they proved that a younger Dr was better. Capaldi could have been a great Dr in the style of the original but his scripts were at times shocking.
  16. JonMc

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    I enjoyed it apart from the shoe horning in of all the diversity crap but I have to remind myself that it's a kids show and I suppose that plays well to kids of this generation. The idea was decent stuff and just scary enough to worry the younger kids which is what you want.

    Tbf Whittaker did the whole regeneration thing as well as Tenant did it so she's off to good start.

    I liked Eccleston. What made it for me was when he just unloaded on the prisoner Dalek. You don't often get to see spit during a rant on children's TV. Good theatre.
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  17. scotch

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    I've seen more interesting planks of wood with better acting skill than that young lad
    Did like Bradley Walsh though.
    Doctor reminds me too much of tennant and that's never going to be a favourable comparison.
  18. Dark Traveller

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    Not too sure about the redesign of Tardis control room (if that is what it is)

  19. Going to watch the series though. I like watching Bradley Walsh
  20. AB22 Easy Tiger

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