Do you believe time travel is possible?

Mate, can you pad this out and submit some supporting mathematical equations? You’re totally onto something. I’ll gladly publish your theorem. We could call it the Blue-Hesford theorem on time relativity or something (sadly I’d have to insist my name goes first).
Don't! It would remind me too much of the 86/87 season: "How man, bloody Hesford man!!!"
Edit: two things I didn't know about Iain; 1) he's dead; 2) he scored a goal playing for Maidstone United.
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Just to clarify things, or maybe complicate them, oh the entanglement of it all, physicist Seth Lloyd claims quantum uncertainty results in quantum entanglement which is the generally accepted source of the arrow of time. Lloyd states the arrow of time is an arrow of increasing correlations. Therefore time is an emergent phenomenon or side effect of quantum entanglement.

Not sure if that reveals whether time travel is possible or not. Anyone have any insight?
I've been working on a time machine of my own.
I'm going to test it out today. I'll go back just a week and if I'm successful I'll post the code number 47812 on this thread.
Fingers crossed.
I remember that you posted that code already. Very clever marra
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