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Do we need anymore Midfielders ?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Steeeeed86, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    I’m just not sure we do.

    As thing stand , am counting we have about 9/ 10 including wingers.

    I’m hoping JR favours a 2 up top this time around , so that limits the numbers we will need in the middle.

    I know that Dobson is linked.

    So what is the guess for other positions he wants ?
    Can see another LB coming in if Oviedo goes.
    And Im hoping for Striker as well.

  2. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Bring Dobson in and get rid of Honeyman, Robson and Leadbitter.

    Sell McGeouch and bring in Maddison.
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  3. Blakey

    Blakey Goalkeeper

    We have lots of midfielders but what we don’t have is variation. They’re all much the same.
  4. Alfa

    Alfa Winger

    Donald spoke of 6-8 players. We’ve signed maybe three players for the first team squad in McLaughlan, Burge and Willis.

    Oviedo will probably leave so we’ll need another left back. I’d like a big athletic midfield player to give us something we lack, maybe a Morgan replacement for the wing and another striker.
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  5. Geronimo

    Geronimo Striker

    We need CB's.
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  6. Exmoor Hippy

    Exmoor Hippy Goalkeeper

    We need Marcus Madison.

    End of thread
  7. prehab26

    prehab26 Striker

    If he wants to play 4-2-3-1 we must sign a quality 10. Another season of honeyman there will mean no promotion.
  8. RichD

    RichD Striker

    Yes, Gooch isn't good enough and Honeyman can't nail down the number 10 spot..
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  9. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    Can someone help me out with Robson and Embletons preferred roles?
  10. Safc88

    Safc88 Winger

    If we dont i would be tempted to give embleton the chance in that position
  11. mart

    mart Striker

    I don’t see us signing a number 10. Maguire, Embleton and Honeyman will compete for it.
    I think we’ll sign Dobson, a winger and a striker. A left back when Oviedo goes and another CB if we can shift one of the lads we have.
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  12. prehab26

    prehab26 Striker

    Robson a CM, Embo a wide attacker.
  13. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    Robson with the powers and Oniens or the leadbitters and Mcgeouchs?
  14. Safc88

    Safc88 Winger

    I would be trying to sell honeyman.
  15. prehab26

    prehab26 Striker

    It's a tough one. Depends on formation. I think we will see a lot of Robson this year like. With power carrying a nasty injury , it will be his chance. Needs to take it this time.
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  16. Safc88

    Safc88 Winger

    Hopefully he can stay free of injury and get a decent run in the team
  17. chunksafc

    chunksafc Winger

    Whilst we have lots of bodies in midfield, there are to many in either the same roles or have similar attributes.

    As you see on the line up thread we are still either picking a formation to suit what we currently have in midfield or putting square pegs in round holes.

    We need variation
  18. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    mcgeouch Power
    Leadbitter. Onien
    Robson Honeyman

    Gooch Watmore
    Maguire Mcgeady. Embleton

    Yh more than 9/10.
  19. Safc88

    Safc88 Winger

    Mumba will be in the u23s or maybe loan him

    Sell honeyman

    Power is injured not sure how bad it is though
  20. Themig

    Themig Winger

    We have quantity but little quality
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