Divn't bring the poliss to the door...

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  1. Gideon Gungeon

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    was interviewed twice ower the same murder in the early nineties there mate. was in digs down Darlington way for a few months when a neighbour was beaten and strangled there. though i had nowt to do with the crime I like to think I was highly useful to the investigation on account of me keen observational skillset.
  2. :lol::lol:. The car hummed of beer though to be fair. The cop was amazed the breathalyser, registered zero


    Lot of people being questioned for murder around this thread :eek:
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  3. hank williams

    hank williams Striker

    Our lass says it to me every match day :lol:
  4. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    Called them numerous times.
    My contributions have led to at least one successful arrest, bloke was caught literally red handed after braying a neighbours van. I'd like to think my busybody ways have alleviated crime in the areas I have resided.

    Never been in trouble with them.
    They have always been very courteous when dealing with deaths in the family. Of which there have been too many, sadly.

    Well done the police.
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Midfield

    Ended up with armed response at the door pointing guns at me. Had to walk up the drive with my hands in the air while all the neighbours curtains were twitching. All cause we were shooting empty cans with an air rifle!
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  6. The mrs was distantly related to a very high ranking officer in the Northumbria police.

    I think he has retired now though.
  7. JonMc

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    Kind of. I was drinking underage in the local club (numb as fuck of course...must have been a fair few in there who knew me dad) onto my second pint and then came the hand on my shoulder...I'll get this one - but any trouble etc...

    He knew I was at the age where I would be pushing the boat but made the point on his own terms so that I'd understand.
  8. Never. Good Herra lad me. :cool:
  9. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    I have never been arrested/questioned in connection with a murder. Wrong'uns.
  10. TouchSAFC

    TouchSAFC Midfield

    Twice. Once for shooting a lad with an air rifle and he had to go hospital and the other for wheelying me motorbike round the estate. Someone called the police and they blocked off the exits to the estate and caught me. Not bad bad but I wasnt flavour of the month with me ma
  11. One of the times, (won't go into the rest) was for cycling across a footbridge. A fecking demon me like. Got took to court and fined. They would probably just warn me now, but i don't do that now. Wasn't even a proper footbridge. It was about 12 ft wide and took BR parcel trolleys from Pelaw station to the rd to Pelaw.
  12. Sir Lancelot

    Sir Lancelot Winger

    Does being taken home in a Black Maria count?

    My dad had asked if I wanted to go to church with him but I said no, so he went off on his own. Typically for a child as soon as he went out of the door I decided that I wanted to go and, without bothering with shoes or coat, I left the house.

    At some point people noticed that there was a two year old wandering the streets and the Police were called. By the time that they arrived someone had recognised me as my dad’s child and the Police took me home to my unsuspecting mother who assumed that I had gone with Dad and was making the lunch.
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  13. nope.. i'm a good lad

    my brother did once. for collecting eggs. had a report he ha some rare ones.. they took his collection away.

    as it happens there was not special in amongst it and he got them back a few weeks later
  14. Ludwig

    Ludwig Midfield Contributor

    Carrying an air rifle when not having a license, wasn’t even very powerful cos the pellets just about fell out of the barrel :oops:
  15. jamieboy

    jamieboy Midfield

    many times for many offences
  16. KeefBeer

    KeefBeer Midfield

    Twice for me in the early 80s for the same thing plus being pulled over on a hard stop by a few police cars.
    There had been multiple attacks and rapes in the Downhill/Redhouse area and I had been seen or rather my car in the area late at night driving on my own.
    My girlfriend, now wife lived in Redhouse and I'd drive over the Boldon Bank a few nights a week to Cleadon, never really a suspect but police needed to follow up.

    Lifted at work in relation to a arson attack on my Dentist, turned out it was his receptionist trying to hide the fact she had been nicking money and drugs.
    My name had come up as he had recently banned me from his service for accusing him of carrying out unneeded work to falsely claim money from the NHS.
    Turned out I was right as well.
  17. PrisonBroken

    PrisonBroken Central Defender

    He said it, I didn't, if I'd be caught they would have like
  18. Me mate had them at my door once. He'd popped round on the way into town when the feral bairn down the road decided to hoy stones at him and spit on him. So my mate sent him through a hedge. The bairns mam sent the coppers to my house. Daft bitch neglected to say what her angel had done. Once the copper heard the other side he went and collared the young un and had a word with his mam.
  19. Had a drink this afternoon marra?
  20. Kevsgreat

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    Me and our boy had the ambulance out a few times. One we were having sword fights with them metal anglebead things you use for the corners when you're plastering. Not even two seconds after we'd been told to pack it in I caught him just under his eye and it was pouring of blood. Bit of an overreaction getting an ambulance out I reckon.

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