Division 2


Absolute fucking madness comment. I don’t it anymore mate but me snappy bought Wildlands if you fancy it. I’m also testing the water with RDR2 online if you fancy that as well.
Done Wildlands when came out. I've got Rdr2 but only played about 5 hours of it when it came out. Will give it a bash like.

Isn't like. Easier to hit headshots on PC, that's why console players want the bosses nerfed. Plus the group that did it are all the top youtuber gadgies.
Nerds then.
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Got to World Tier 4 before getting a bit bored, too much of a grind.

Still a cracking game like, think I just sickened myself :lol:
Same, on the top world and then once you get to start trying to make your gear it gets boring quick. Same drops over and over and doing the same boring stuff over and over. Totally no end game in it, again, like the first one.

Pissed off even more now that they are locking stuff behind the raid. Aint got time and the energy to do the boring raids with randoms (I play solo) so can't get things like that new Exotic AR which I wanted. If they are doing that kind of shit to force people to do things then they can fuck off.