Disney Plus launched today


Has anyone had a look through the content yet? If you're a Marvel/Star Wars fan or you just love a Disney cartoon you can't go wrong for under a fiver per month. There's some good one off documentaries about the parks and the Disney conservation initiatives aswell.


My sisters are binging it all day. I'm looking forward to watching the original Star Wars trilogy with an 11 year old who doesn't have any sort of attention span.
They're listed in chronological order aswell so anyone who isn't familiar can watch them in the order they occur in the timeline.

Fred Army

I've waited months for Mandalorian, I can wait a few more weeks until they''re all there then binge it in a week and cancel.
For the tech savvy amongst you, VPN or smartDNS, set your location to US and should get them all.

I've had the US version for a little while now and they were all on from day one.


Full Back
They only put the first two Mandalorian episodes on and then weekly thereafter as they wanted it to be ‘Event Television’ ie everyone watches the episodes at the same time and talks about it at work etc.

Might have overlooked a few things to be honest.