Direct Debit 1st Payt July 1st


Now the clock has struck 12:00, has anyone checked to see if they have had a payment taken, regardless if you renewed or not?

In the past they have taken mine on the stroke of midnight. I cancelled a few weeks ago this time...

David M

Nowt has gone out of my account, yet.
Just checked again (0140) and it's showing up there now - along with the TV Licence and council tax. 😬
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Mine are not correct.

We have 3 tickets the have taken two payments.

I had 3 direct debits for Sunderland AFC Ltd last year

These have been replaced with 2 for Sunderland ASSC FO

One is the right amount
My son is now 18 and they have taken the wrong amount and not increased it for someone who is now 18
And one payment for my ticket has not been taken

Their good like!


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If you did cancel and then wanted to renew after their change of heart have they put that process in place yet