Dianne Oxberry RIP

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Lambton Worm, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Deano

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    You're kidding. No age.
  2. DJP

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    I knew an Oxberry family in Castletown. Dunno if that was where she was from. RIP :cry:
  3. King Kareoke

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    Used to like the breakfast show she did with Simon Mayo. No age at all.
  4. Old Prestonian

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    Really sad news. I didn't realise she was originally from Sunderland until this morning. She was a similar age to me and I remember her days on the Simon Mayo Radio 1 Breakfast Show. I moved to the North West in 1994 when she started as a weather presenter on North West Tonight and she was still doing that about four weeks ago. RIP Dianne.
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  5. errant

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    Agreed... think she appeared with Steve Wright too... awful news...

    Me neither...
  6. Keawyeds

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  7. you mentioning that has made it click who she was - she was good fun on that. No age
  8. Washy lass iirc, Oxclose school ?
  9. Tin Soldier

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    They are struggling this morning
  10. ChrisK

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  11. HABA87

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    I remember the 8:15 from Manchester, but not too much detail about it.

    No age at all, tragic.
  12. Keawyeds

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    I'll bet they are. Must be awful to have to report on the death of a colleague and friend
  13. Arkle

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    Same here with regard to the 8:15. Summer replacement for Going Live, I believe. Theme song by Inspiral Carpets.

    RIP. As you say, no age at all...
  14. Old Prestonian

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    The 8:15 was a Summer replacement but only ran for a couple of years IIRC. It was whilst presenting the 8:15 show that tshe met her husband who was a cameraman and that's why she ended up settling in the North West.
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  15. Steak Pie

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    Another exile down here in Manchester, she's been part of the furniture on North West tonight for as long as I can remember. Might be known to some.

    Dianne Oxberry - Wikipedia
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  17. Steak Pie

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  18. Cut off in her prime. RIP Dianne.
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