Despondant, no not yet

There is absolutely nothing to be despondent about. The season hasn't even started and transfer window not shut.

I'm convinced there are lots of posters on here that want us to have a bad start.
I want us to have a great start, but the fact is that we still have not found a way to intelligently utilise our two strikers. You'd have thought by now that there'd be a plan in place, mate;)


I was at Hartlepool for the pre season last year, and came out thinking what a heap of crap. And yet we could have had auto promotion if we hadn't had such a poor end to the season.
So give it time, window doesn't close till end of august then we should have an idea of what may be.
How much did last seasons promoted teams spend? Most of the best players in this league last season were on loan, that’s what we need to get right this season.
Looking the signings made since the new owners took over doesn't fill me with confidence. The whole set up is cheap and nasty.


Not sure why anyone would take any notice of pre season results, they mean nothing when the season starts
I'm still taking notice of results since Xmas. Nowt much seems to have changed re strategy / tactics.
It's a worry how pedestrian we STILL are
I have doubts about Ross but preseason doesnt worry me too much as it what matters when the season starts.

I can remember in 85 McMenemy had a good preseason and I think we lost the first 5.

I just hope Ross is a lot more positive this season preferably 442 or 352 or a proper attacking 451.


As is always the way on here it has to be be black or white, good or shite. It’s ok to be looking forward to the season while have concerns over the team and lack of strengthening in areas.

Do the people who slate the “happy clappers or the “doom mongers” apply the same polarised approach to all aspects of their lives? If they do they must be some right insufferable twats.


I'm still taking notice of results since Xmas. Nowt much seems to have changed re strategy / tactics.
It's a worry how pedestrian we STILL are
Considering every pre season he has played a 3 at the back that is completely different tactics too last season


We won't have Maja to bail us out in the first half of the season

That's pretty fucking pathetic that, mind..

Are you doing that yourself, seeing as you can't stand other people having a different opinion?
You're right. You are pathetic!


So you agree that fans that dare question the owners are metaphorically "stamping their feet and crying"?
If you were only questioning things then yeah fair enough, but you don't, you whine, bitch and moan like a fucking child all the time man.


I'll say what the fuck I want. :lol:

Who the fuck are you?

I know one thing I'm not......the board's resident dickhead. Think that one is well covered. Anyways crack on being such a miserable fuck....your life must be immense :lol::lol::lol: