Describe your musical journey of genre, influences and places throughout life.

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  1. The first tune I ever remember liking was 'Mr Postman' by The Carpenters, I was about 3 or 4 years old.
    I then remember when my dad was out I went digging into my dad's box of 7" singles which mostly consisted of Rock 'n' Roll songs. The song that I played the most was 'The Wanderer' by Dion.

    As I got older my dad got into Country and Western, so the likes of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash filled my young ears and shaped my thinking.

    I was still into Rock 'n' Roll in my very early teens and learn't how to do The Bop'

    My first teen disco's was at 'The Alexandra' in Grangetown and in the church hall at St' Aidan's Church. The 'Alex Disco' influenced me massively with it's eclectic range of music such as Ska, Rock 'n' Roll disco and Soul along with the current tunes of the day. St Aidan's disco had The Mods going there so I heard some of the music that catered for their taste.
    I was then drawn to New Wave and the New Romantics music and became very obsessed with the likes of Depeche Mode and The Human League.
    I then became a Skinhead and got into Ska music. I'll never forget seeing 'The Station Skins' pogoing and nutting each other on the floor as the Sunderland band 'Zone 57' were playing in the YWCA.

    Then It was 'Gens'. What place, got me into disco and soul music big style and and after watching on Top of the Pops Lionel Richies video 'All Night Long' it was here that I started doing 'The Robot' dance as early Hip Hop emerged.

    I then became a Break Dancer and got into Hip Hop and Electro music. I went to Tiffanys in Newcastle every Saturday afternoon to listen to electro and Hip Hop and battle other crews. My life was changed forever.

    Aged about 17 I heard the track 'You Sure Love To Ball' by Marvin Gaye and this converted me into a true 'Soul head' and since then up to this present day I obsessively seek out soul songs, constantly!

    Then there was the shit 'Rick Ashley' years, that was barren as fuck but suddenly 'Acid House' music rescued us. From that point I got into House music and lived life to the full in the 88-91 Rave scene. Went to the likes of Back 2 Basics, Club Havana, Chambers etc. I felt privileged to also witness and be a part of the emergence of 'Brit Pop' which was born from these places. Also at this time I ended up smoking loads of Joints and Bongs in bedsits and such with Hippies and forward thinking people. I fell endlessly in love with folk music.

    The later House scene I follow passionately and went to The Arena, Hard Times, Cream. Got disillusioned with the whole scene when the 'Super Club' and the 'Look at me, look at me' culture bled in.

    Got into Drum and Bass and Jungle music.

    Fuck all happened after that due to no new genre coming along and making such an impact on society as the genres above had done. I have witnessed the death of the passionate 'Youth Culture' and their music shaping society for the better, writing songs that shape the world and telling the world 'We are sick of the shit around us'.

    But today due to the internet making the world smaller their are new artist who are just as good as the old one's and change and dream's are still being formed though not as visible and prominent. I'm finding new music that restores my faith in it's creativity. I dream of a day a new grene will come along and have the impact of the past genres in everyday life and the shaping of it.

    I now listen to everything and anything as long as it is good shit. The influences of the genres of music have now gone into one big cooking pot and I feast on this lovely broth on a daily basis.

    If you think this opening post is too long then you are thick as fuck.:)

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  2. Enjoyed the post but not most of your music!

    Here's one especially for you -
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  3. I swung to that back in the day.:cool:
  4. Teed

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    Finishing off with a bit of Dvorak, nice touch...:cool:
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  5. Fancy telling us or just bullet pointing your musical journey like Teed? You have had an interesting path I reckon.;):)
  6. Skandhaless

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    Sister was 10 years older than me so I was playing pop music in the house from the early mid 60's . First record I ever remember was "poetry in motion" but I remember " she loves you " and " I wanna hold your hand " , " my boy lollipop" after that and being taken along to see the Dave Clark five when in Blackpool on holiday .
    My first experience of choosing music was the early 70's and wanting to be junior skinhead ska and rude reggae were the thing .
    When I was 15 I was on holiday in Spain with my man and dad and met up with a group of older lads from Nottingham . They were playing junior Walker on tape and as soon as I got back home I got all his stuff.
    I was doing karate at the time and happened to tell one of the lads about this soul thing , unknown to me he had been going to all nighters since the twisted wheel. He ended up taking me to nighters and also introduced me to the speed scene .
    Speed being what it was I later stated on the dope and one of the lads that smoked was well into reggae so I got into the roots as well as the ska.
    Another of the lads then says to me " how can you understand soul if you don't know blues " and lent me some washboard Sam, big bill broonzy.
    There we have it still doing the soul , reggae and blues.
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  7. Malloy

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    Started breakdanceing with the older lads when I was about 7 in 83ish and got into electro and hip hop.

    Dougie fresh and The Show was a huge influence on my 8 year old brain and set me on a hip hop journey
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  8. Briefly....
    Parents...Sing something simple, Cilla on TV, dad loved Herb Alpert. Dad was also a brilliant pianist and played lots of classical music, i seem to remember Brahms and Chopin, but it was the music i liked not who it was by.

    Early teens with a dansette reel to reel, got into taping charts, radio etc, recording in detail band name, artist, position in charts etc .

    Early mid teens ... Getting together with lads, ...Rock bands came to the fore and many an evening was spent round various houses listening to newly purchased albums. Black Sabbath, led Zeppelin , the who, yes ......... Etc

    Some of the girls got into music, so there were afternoons after school listening to csny, Elton, Bowie, t rex....Floyd...

    With college came a liking for the faces, rod and soul.

    Moved into a flat and soul, tamla etc would be the most played.

    Got together with a new boyfriend and it was back to rock, doobies doors supertramp Clapton, Eagles....

    Travelled , so mostly the local pop music or a few cassette s we had in our backpacks, Alan parsons project got played a lot ( eye in the sky).

    Family, not so much time for music ( Thomas the tank engine years).

    Got closer to my brother as he was now older he was into Northern soul, new romantics , new order but mostly a lover of soul and jazz soul fusion.

    Kids grew up so had their tastes played.
    Child 1 . Kiss radio fan
    Child 2. Rock and new bands, i liked some eg qotsa
    Child 3 . Pop music.( But also hip hop/rap (?), to this day dance with the devil by immortal technique is the song i remember most :-(. )

    Like more classical music now eg Erik Satie but happy to have some deep purple etc too.

    Fave at the moment Bowie black star.
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  9. humbug

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    always liked music from being a kid. one of the first i remember liking was bimbo by jim reeves, always played it on the radiogram.
    first bands were showaddywaddy, bay city rollers and slade.
    going into my teenage years i listened to a lot of rock. led zeppelin and hawkwind etc were usually the music of choice. liked a lot of southern rock like lynyrd skynyrd, blackfoot and molly hatchet. i think the music went alongside my early love bikes and the black leather jacket.
    a bit older and starting work in the early 80's i began to turn into an angry young man. thatcher had that effect. i wanted to change the world and smash the state. anarchy was the ideal in my head back then.
    went to see a protest concert in bradford in 1984 where i saw a band called new model army. i have to say i was totally in awe and at last i found a band that thought the same as me and cared about the same things.
    over the years them and their music have mellowed and become more appreciative of this world but still have that angst and anger lurking. been to see them loads of times over the years.
    despite listening to and liking most forms of music from steeleye span to crass i always end up at new model army.
    they're on at the riverside in a few weeks, their live shows are always fantastic. a bit of an escape.
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  10. Topper post to read!

    There's load of influences I have not mentioned due to not wanting to make my op post too long, such as Jazz and Blues.

    As young'us most of us separated genres as totally different entities but as we grow older we realise how much genres have influenced and crossover each other.
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  11. vinegar hill

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    The Beatles
    British Blues Boom
    Led Zeppelin
    The Who
    The Stones
    Can't be arsed to go into detail but presently I'm intensely listening to the Fab 4 again especially Revolver.
    I'm more convinced than ever they were not of this world.
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  12. You know your music like Peachy with what you have mentioned here.:cool:;)
  13. "I then became a Break Dancer "

    Haway man the idea of a Mackem break dancer is just to silly to contemplate.

  14. Good thread, keep remembering more. Loads of parties from age 18 to 22, always seemed to be one to go to. The Rolling Stones were always played at some point.

    Oh and i went out with a lad who loved punk music so there was a bit of that going on too, not sure I'm a big fan tho.
  15. Cheesy Feet

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    There was always music in our house growing up..some of the earliest songs I can remember are the Archies..'Sugar Sugar'...Dave Dee Dozy Beaky..etc..'The legend of Xanadu'..i used to do a mean impression of the singer cracking his whip to this!! first personal favourites were Slade..Bowie..Alice Cooper..but the music I instantly fell in love with was punk..The Sex Pistols..The Clash..The Damned..i loved it then and I still love it now..I've always had a pretty diverse taste in music..Van Halen..Pink Floyd..Radiohead..Coldplay..Kasabian..but even at the ripe old age of 52 it's still punk that I listen to most.
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  16. I'm not sure i do really, but i do love music. Used to go to a lot of live music , big names and unknown bands in pubs.
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  17. I shared the same passion because of injustice, still do really.:lol:;)

    Music was so tied up with passion and feelings down to political, idealism, spiritual and other deep rooted aims that bled into pop culture. Today the pop culture is just sterile as fuck and very superficial, not tackling deeper causes and issues. It's like the Yuppie culture has won when it comes to music in the mainstream.
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    An excellent spin on the usual music thread TB and I have to say a very brave opening post.

    Some great replies already. Thank you.
  19. Then you have not seen me bop about the floor. Others on here can testify that that there was a mackem break dancer that kicked the arses of the Mag break dancers. I built up a reputation in Newcastle and these mags all called me Speedy because of my fast moves. Not blowing my own trumpet but I achieved for the city of Sunderland what SAFC and '6 in a row' achieved(true).:cool:

    You should be thankful!!
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  20. A "nackem" ? FFS :eek::lol::rolleyes:
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