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Derby Tickets for Longship in Hebburn

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by HebburnMackem, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    VIP Seats 5 quid, burger and table service. Only 48 tickets will be sold for a red + white pub that holds about 200. FTM
  2. hursty_1

    hursty_1 Central Defender

    Is this true?? :roll:
  3. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    I'll be at the match soz like
  4. seaburnian

    seaburnian Midfield

    For an extra quid you could get sunday lunch - and why have we taken a reduced allocation to the Longship?
  5. ned_werby

    ned_werby Striker

    Persistent standing at the bar. Orders of Ethel the bar manager
  6. HotPieColdPeas

    HotPieColdPeas Central Defender

    Tried to cheat us at darts once... bellends
  7. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle Winger

    Paully will be furious.
  8. ned_werby

    ned_werby Striker

  9. td from peterlee

    td from peterlee New Member

    VIP in the longshit for £5..:lol:

    does that include bog roll in the toilets?
  10. Just been done out man, git posh now yer knaa.
  11. Nee Onions Mate

    Nee Onions Mate Striker

    Is it gid rough in places like Hebburn after derby matches??
  12. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    Not really, maybe scuffles in 2-3 pubs. They get ejected quickly, and normality resumes. Not bad at all considering we have both tribes there.

    I've heard Concorde is much worse, I don't know why they would be worse than Hebburn/Jarrow/S.Shields when both places have a mixture.

    The 'reduced allocation' in the Lonship might be designed to minimize any bother.

    And yes, the tickets are legit and I have two.
  13. Have you seen the inhabitants of Concord?

    One of the boozers does live music

  14. Weremuthe

    Weremuthe Striker

    What happened to the 5-stone-wet-through scummer?
  15. sanddancers

    sanddancers New Member

    We doing the clock over after the game like?
  16. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    Aye. we'll be flicking dog poo at the windows.
  17. AlpineExile

    AlpineExile Striker

    The rest are being reserved for corporate deals and 'the footballing family', i.e. most of them will end up in the hands of ticket touts.
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