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    Check out for some useful tips on public speaking.

    A eulogy is different, everything you say is emotional and from the heart but some of the same principles still apply.
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    Don’t put pressure on yourself.
    Do what’s right for you - Even if it’s just a few words? If you feel like that you can do more then go for it but don’t feel pressured into it
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  3. It's hard on my own. I seem to be holding everyone else up but there's nobody to hold me up. Feel really low today.
  4. BIG (((((HUGS))))) and lots of love becs xxx
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    and his Beer! Proper MLF right to the end! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Hang in there Ginger J, you will be fine, loads holding you up on here! xxxx
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  6. I'm canny quiet but have to speak in front of folk for work. PM if you want a hand. Im sure youll feel better for giving it a go than not, anyway.
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    And that's understandable.... Have a hug (((((((( )))))))))
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    I had to do something similar a few years back. I'm a nervous/anxious person and I knew my nerves would get the better of me so I went to see my GP and she prescribed a betablocker. I always thought they were for heart problems but my GP explained lots of muscians or actors would take one to calm nerves before opening night etc. It worked for me.

    And I should really read throught this thread, I've had a shitty last 18month or so with depression, anxiety and me nerves.
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    Big cuggs from me too...understandable you're feeling shit right now, please feel the love from us lot.
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    Your strong enough to hold everyone up and there are loads on here to help, see you Saturday mate x
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    It is not an exclusive club, but you only find out there are lots of posters having issues, when they open up and post.

    It calms you by sharing the load and also the realisation that you are not alone.

    There are others, who have successfully fought out of the jaws of the black dog so gives you similar hope.

    It is a beacon of light in the darkness for most sufferers. Anything that gives you hope has to be worth a read, a post and a pooling of knowledge and goodwill.

    Good luck, anxiety panic attacks and nerves all insidious things that can be beaten with assistance.
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    I'm not sure what kind of service you've got arranged - I only just found your lovely piece about your dad and then caught up here - but is it not worth getting a 'professional' in who can deliver your words and thoughts without the risk of you ending up a blubbering heap halfway through? We had a humanist service for me mam and I thought the celebrant who spoke about her did a brilliant job of putting things together. He must have spent a couple of hours asking the right questions and jotting down our responses and then wove it into something that flowed nicely as he delivered it in a really nice style without any emotions getting in the way. Just a thought.
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  13. I'm not sure about the service yet. It's complicated!

    My parents went to two Churches! The big one where the service is being held was their childhood Church. They still went there for an old folks club every week and other events. The Church they went to where they live disbanded some years ago and they've been going to an offshoot of that in a local community centre for Sunday services. Mam wants the people from the big Church and the people from the community centre Church to get together and do a joint service.

    That sounds lovely what happened with your Mam.
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  14. GTG

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    She probably wouldn't have been happy not having a church element - her surviving sister wasn't thrilled! - but I was more concerned about the lightning strikes if I'd set foot back in the church! I did let the priest in the house to give her the last rites, just in case I've been wrong about religion all these years!!
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  15. Just spoke to my Mam and going round in a bit after I've been to the doctors. She wants a nice photo for the order of service and then a big copy in a frame to put next to the flowers in the church. I had the idea of putting his favourite things there too. We could take the Mallard and Flying Scotsman from his train set, a small canvas I had made of my dogs in Sunderland shirts that he loved and my Sunderland scarf that he bought for my first match.

    The Femoston tablets they put me on after my op are not working. I'm having bad side effects on it and I don't want to be on it.
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    After a week of using it, on various settings, not much difference.

    However, I have found a lovely way to help get to sleep. Dark room, and classical music on quiet in the background. I have a timer on it, so it goes off after a while, seems to be helping.
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  18. Thanks for asking :)

    I'm still up and down. We've got most of the arrangements sorted now. I'm going to speak at the funeral but have someone on standby in case I bottle it.

    I've been referred back to the hospital so waiting for an appointment coming in the post.

    The back fence blew down and smashed so I need to get that sorted out. Never rains eh?!

    How you doing? Did you get any test results back yet?
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    Just initial ones Iv mentioned not sure how long it takes for biopsies, think I have appointment about my eyes on Monday not sure what happens then, I'm sure you will manage you seem to be good with words.
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    I know this thread is sometimes difficult to read as it's people writing what theyre going through and suffering with however it really is heart warming as well. A bunch of strangers in the real world helping each other out and offering support online with a bat shit crazy football club as the link.
    Top work ladies and gents, keep it up

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