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Discussion in 'SMB' started by MunkyHeed, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I have seen them at the Stade de France before. Great atmosphere.
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  2. rapscallion

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    Yeah i'd just about go along with most of that; Construction to Shake The Disease

    Any Second Now, Sun & The Rainfall, Leave In Silence, early splendidness
  3. portypaul

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    When that lot come on the trany I turn them down and enjoy the silence.
  4. TheDon

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  5. Billy Batts

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    @andy loves these lads iirc
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  6. andy

    andy Winger

    So you are saying they were good between an album release in 1983 and a single release in 1985.And nothing after that is good?What a load of rubbish.
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  8. MunkyHeed

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  9. zwartekat

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    Last time I saw them was at Lollapalooza in Chicago 2009. They were excellent. Can't believe it's that long ago.
  10. one of those bands I'd always wanted to see and somehow missed - finally did in Leeds 2/3 years back and was very disappointed

    I'd have been better off getting having a few beers and sticking a dvd on full blast, there was a strange lack of atmosphere

    JAZZMANB Striker

    One of my last boxes to tick and i think i've missed the Golden period
    Love the One night in paris dvd
  12. might have been the venue, it was way too quiet imo

    JAZZMANB Striker

    unlike here
  14. andy

    andy Winger

    That is a quality version of that song.

    I know what you mean.I've seen them on every tour since 1982.Seen them at the 02 arena and they were great as usual but atmosphere lacked a bit.Maybe age of crowd etc I don't know.On that same tour I seen them in Rome and that was a different beast altogether.The place was rocking and the atmosphere superb.I also noticed a much wider age range.Off the see them in Rome again this year.I think abroad and stadiums are the way to see them.
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  15. MunkyHeed

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    So what's the SMB's thoughts on the new album then? I'm really enjoying it so far! First 5-6 songs are class (Nothing inside is prob the best song they've done for 12 years). The songs MG sings are the big let down for me. Has he just recorded the same song 6 times for the past 3 albums?
    Anyway, top production effort by Mr Ford. Good work.
  16. Mrjardine

    Mrjardine Winger

    The finest band of all time, IMO of course although I'd say 'ultra' was their last great album. Couple of canny songs from 'exciter' and 'precious' was fantastic from 'playing the angel' but thought last couple albums bit disappointing. Actually preferred some of Gahans solo stuff and work he done with 'soulsavers'. Haven't had chance to listen to new album yet but I'll give it a go.
    Saw them in Manchester on angel tour 2005 and they were superb. 'The bravery' who supported them were canny too.
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  17. andy

    andy Winger

    I'm really enjoying it.I agree about Martins songs,although I did end up really liking the Child Inside on Delta Machine.I can't wait to see them.Roll on June.
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  18. Jack Wolforskin

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    just like all of the other albums. Shite.
  19. garyswc

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    Going to see them in Amsterdam in May.
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  20. Friendly Fire

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    Saw them at The City Hall with Blancmange back in 1982 when Vince Clark was still with them, fantastic. Some of the re-engineered stuff (Enjoy the Silence especially) is excellent. Stopped really listening to them after Violator - probably 'cos they were off their tits on drugs.

    Speak and Spell was sensational at the time.
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