Denny Laine R.I.P.

It looks like he was struggling financially due to medical bills...

Hello, this is Elizabeth Hines, Denny’s wife, asking for a helping hand on Denny’s behalf.
As you may know, Denny has been going through health issues these past several months, which recently turned critical.

For the past two months, he’s been in and out of the hospital concerning an illness in his lungs that developed after his short bout with COVID last year. He’s had multiple tests, X-rays and scans that are ongoing, along with three surgeries, most recently for a collapsed lung, which includes an inserted chest tube that is temporarily needed until his lung heals.
He recently contracted a bacterial infection in his blood, which he is still battling, but seems to be under control.

The doctors have explained once he’s medically well, he will need several weeks of physical and occupational rehabilitation. Denny does not have medical insurance. The hospital has been working with us regarding this problem, but a rehabilitation center, along with the multiple lab work and specialists, will not. Denny is unable to fly due to his medical condition, as well as he needs to avoid long distance drives. He has to remain here in Naples to recover.

I’m asking for financial help to get Denny the medical care and recovery time he requires. It’s important he concentrates on healing during this time. Our goal is to have Gypsy Den home in time for his birthday, October 29. He wants to be able to play his guitar again, presently, he’s too weak.
I want to thank you all in advance for your continued love, prayers, encouragement and support during this difficult time. ❤️
Elizabeth Hines
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