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Tried to upload an image to the SMB media albums I have, to post on a thread. Message says exceeded the limit, but cant find a way of deleting old images. Tried to contact RTG but no reply. Any advice please.


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I'll give it a go marra.
Move the images to an album. delete the album.
Done. Not worked. There are images from pretty much 14 years ago in there, that are nowt to do with me. Only joined last year. I have 1 photo in 1 album, and it is still saying I have only 940kb left out of 6Mb
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You need to select the images you want to delete with the checkbox in the top corner of each image.

When you have selected the ones you want to delete, use the dialogue at the bottom of the screen to delete them.

NB. The space won't be freed up instantly as it is re-allocated and the images physically deleted from the servers in batches.