Deleted bouncing .gif


Can whoever deleted my post with the lass dancing and bouncing .gif please explain why this happened? That particular .gif has been used many times this season on the match day thread without any censorship, why start today? I often post up photos and .gifs during our match and that particular bouncing .gif conveys the excitement we all feel when The Lads score a goal.

I was just going to let this drop but because I've never posted anything that has needed to be pulled from a thread before I thought I would ask for the reason for it's removal. It has attracted so many 'likes' in the past that I'm almost certain it's just a Mods opinion rather than a complaint by a forum member.

Whoever deleted, would you back this up with a reason, it wasn't nudity and as it's been posted loads of times this season it clearly isn't offensive to others on the match thread.