Death by Dangerous Cycling

Discussion in 'SMB' started by southstander, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. southstander

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  2. The attitude of that lad who killed that lass by cycling on his banned, modified bike made me feel physically sick.

    It’s about time this came in.
  3. dangermows

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    Spoke too soon
  4. den

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    Department for Transport figures for 2016 show that 448 pedestrians were killed on Britain's roads, but only three cases involved bicycles.
  5. HABA87

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    The case mentioned earlier rings a bell.
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  6. dixonsafc

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    That doesn’t fit the narrative though. Cyclists are all a disgrace.
  7. Iballistic George

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    Cue the anti cycling brigade about to hot their 2 penny worth in about how bad all cyclists are etc.
  8. Goat Eyes

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    Of course there should be a specific offence. It’ll only affect the very small minority who actually kill anyone.

    If that’s three people then three it is.
  9. humbug

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    three too many imo.
    it's odd how the pro cyclists are turning this round to suit their agenda's.
    surely they should be welcoming these proposals and promoting safe, responsible cycling and repercussions for their actions instead of pointing the finger at anyone but themselves.
  10. Adults cycling on pavements has reached epidemic proportions in Nottingham, mainly black blokes and delivery people.

    I would like to see on the spot fines at least as often they cycle straight past police officers and PCSOs.

    I can also envisage an increase in vigilante attacks against these bicycle hooligans.
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  11. Tidied
  12. The Exile

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    The problem will become how it's applied. If some daft bastard steps out five feet in front of you (which is more likely because of the size and noise difference) there's no chance of stopping or avoiding. Is that dangerous cycling?

    You have idiots walking out in front of cars these days practically daring you to hit them.
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  13. duff_man

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    They don’t pay road tax either.

    I saw a bloke a couple of days back riding a bike backwards, haven’t seen anyone doing that for a long time, brought back memories of my youth
  14. mini-x2

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    Some fucker cut straight across the road in front of me yesterday as I was driving to work, pulling a wheelie with a spliff in his gob. The bloke looked like he was in his forties.
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  15. Charmless Man

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    Not sure what cycling on the pavement has to do with anything as, unless I’ve missed something (skim read it), the article doesn’t mention it and it’s already against the law.

    The issue is whether or not there should be a specific law under which cyclists behaving dangerously can be prosecuted.

    I’d agree that yes, there should be.

    A few years ago someone posted the best line to shout at them which I have shamelessly stolen and used.

    “Does your mam not let you cycle on the roads?”
  16. den

    den Midfield

  17. Kevj

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    If I choose to drive my car like a twat and then cause injury to someone, then I also choose by default to accept the consequences.

    If I choose to ride my bike like a twat, on roads or paths, then the same logic applies.

    It’s related to an individuals actions, not the vehicle.
  18. Goat Eyes

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  19. Charmless Man

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    I think the point people are making is that there are far bigger issues to tackle when it comes to road safety than cyclists being a danger (which in the grand scheme of things they aren’t).

    Making cycling safer for cyclists would be one, you’d get more people cycling confidently and less cars on the road, which are orders of magnitude more dangerous for everyone. Even non road users.

    That’s why they’re saying it’s ‘tinkering round the edges’. It’s a minor issue in the overall picture of road safety.

    Of course if it’s easy enough to implement and enforce, then there’s no reason not to introduce this sort of law.
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  20. den

    den Midfield

    Cyclists are being forced onto pavements due to dangerous drivers,

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