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Dean Road School - South Shields

Discussion in 'SMB' started by EcosseMackem, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. EcosseMackem

    EcosseMackem Winger

    Help me solve an argument lads

    What year did it burn down ?????
  2. heston

    heston Striker

    I was talking to someone the other week who reckons their brother did it. Said he had been sniffing glue.

    I think he said 78, but I thought it was earlier.
  3. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Stanhope road school and dean road school merged to form west park school, that was the one that burned down I think.
  4. Urban Silverback

    Urban Silverback Midfield

    This agrees with that, doesn't give the year though.

    This site reckons the fire was in 1974, and has a photo.
  5. EcosseMackem

    EcosseMackem Winger

    I reckon 74 as we had just moved to Stanhope Road at the end of 73 and it was a few months after that - I think it was around the time of the 74 World Cup
    It was definitely before I started at Mortimer comp in 1975 because I remember rumours about kids from West Park coming to our school as there was not enough room at West Park
  6. Tommasi

    Tommasi Striker

    I know a lad who said he did it. Wouldn't be surprised,he's fucking crackers.
  7. EcosseMackem

    EcosseMackem Winger

    I was always told it was someone whose surname bagan with the letter B

    is that what you guys were told
  8. Tommasi

    Tommasi Striker

    Not sure about his surname, his first name name started with K-lived in South Frederick Street.
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