Days Gone


anyone who's played it says its fine, like a mixture of a whole load of games youve played before but not as good as any of them.

Wouldnt be holding out too much hope for it.


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I was excited to try it when it was announced like 3 years ago, but constant delays and negative feedback has changed my mind. Don't expect it to make much impact.


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Was going to buy at launch but I think I’ll wait for the reviews. Still haven’t played God of War so might pick that up when it’s next on sale instead.
Personally think it'll fall short and score high 70's to low 80's out of 100. It's taken far too long in development and having watched 40 minutes worth of gameplay I just can't get excited over it.


6.5 from IGN. Blasted for being bland and repetitive with an uninteresting world. Could see this coming a mile off because it's been touted as being unreal for about 3 years now.


I like it....but then its my sort of thing..I am happy sneaking around in the undergrowth hiding

the first time you encounter the horde in a cave I shat my pants and just ran away

looks lush on a 4k telly as well.
seems to run fine on my pro
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Hope its as bland and shite as they say it is (I managed to watch about 5 mins on youtube before I turned it off) as I hate these fucking exclusives. Just give ALL gamers access to games on release..

Maybe if they had actually done that they may have had a shed load of extra cash from pre-orders before everyone realised it was turd.