Dave Watson...sad news

The Hunter

Central Defender
Dave Watson was a magnificent centre back, right up there with Hurley for me, and he was only shaded as man of the match in the 73 final (IMO) by Monty's stupendous performance. Watson's defending, positioning and reading of the game in the final was quite brilliant.
I also have fond memories of his early days at the club when he played centre forward...he was a class act there, too, and linked up so well with Billy Hughes and Denis Tueart.
This is just too sad for words.
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Gutted to hear this news. Always view him as a SAFC hero. I'm pleased he apparently has no regrets and hope he can live life as fully as he can.
Exactly. I remember heading the odd heavy sodden casey when I was little. Could literally feel your brain rattle. Imagine doing that day in day out? Very sad.
I am old enough to have encountered the really old leather cased balls with laces and rubber inflatable bladder, imagine heading something that, if you caught the laces and they had not been tied down correctly would split your head open.