Darts 2021


class from Clayton

De Sousa miscounting changed the game. never seen any top player have as many counting errors as he does. Anderson has the odd mishap but it's like a running joke now that Jose will do something dodgy every game


Shame to see, & not nice to watch to be honest.

The frustration was there to see and I think the 15 missed doubles in the first 3 legs had a massive influence on his state of mind. Never seen him throw his towel down before and at one point he almost did a Colin Lloyd and punch the board. The format of games being played every night doesn't help either as gives him little to no time to try and put things right on the practice board.

Jonny Clayton is the polar opposite at the minute and can't seem to miss a double and would probably play 24 hours a day if he could.

As you say, sad to watch and hope Durrant can turn it around soon.
9 darter for De Sousa tonight.
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